If you know me, you know I love bookcases built into EVERYTHING. This sofa (the Flexform Oltre) with bookcases in the arms: no exception. Link (via Cribcandy)


  1. This is the best incarnation of bookcase-in-furniture I’ve seen in a while; some of the titles are accessible from the seated position and the sofa itself looks comfortable.

  2. Cory, find the refrigerator/bookcase. If it isn’t already out there, a cross-application of Rule 35 will almost certainly go into effect.

  3. Oh. Just had an idea. Bear with me on this: how about a bookcase built into a bookcase? I think I just blew my mind.

  4. It’s a cool concept, but also one so simple to duplicate, that I suspect people would be hard pressed to actualy buy one.

    I mean let’s face it. You just buy a cheap IKEA couch without arms, buy two cheap small bookcases in the next aisle, put them together and presto, your ‘coule royale’ designcouch is born.

  5. Call me picky, but that’s not so much a “sofa with bokcases in the arms” as it is a sofa that just has two bookcases next to it. Where are the soft sofa corners to snuggle in to with a mug of cocoa and your SO?

  6. Those corners are just waiting to destroy your elbows.

    I had two This End Up couches made out of yellow pine (w/ plenty of cushions, ALISONG76) and the ends were just crate-tops, not unlike the couch shown.

    I am fortunate to still possess a pair of working elbows.

  7. Sorry. I’m with Bugs. It needs to be more built in with soft cushioning up around the top and corner – for the elbows.

  8. Very clever design, pretty neat actually. However, are those holes I see on the sides? Not very practical if you want to lie down with a few pillows… “Oh shit, the Bible just fell down from the case.”

  9. Those complaining about it not having padded arms are obviously not drinkers. The arms are perfect for setting down cocktails.

  10. I want a bookshelf like a dry-cleaning carousel. You sit in your comfy wing chair (or loveseat) with lower locomotor appendages up on ottoman and speak the tome desired. Voice recognition tells the carousel when to stop rolling and you reach up and tug the book off its clip.

  11. All I can see is the books being shoved out onto the floor by cushions on the seatable side. That, & all eleventy books up there are the same.

  12. Now that is definitely space saving furniture. A great way to keep all of those books organized.

  13. It looks uncomfortable to sit in, which is the primary function of a couch, and you could do it much better just by sticking bookshelves on the end of a couch that IS already comfortable.

    I have a bookshelf on both sides of my leather recliner and I don’t have any problem getting a book.

    I guess it’s cool because a “designer” came up with it.

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