Star Trek cake

This Star Trek bridge cake was made by Duff Goldman, owner of a bakery in Baltimore that was featured on The Food Network's reality show "The Ace of Cakes." Fire carbohydrate torpedoes! Link (via Neatorama!)


  1. Actually, the Ace of Cakes show is ALL Duff (and Co. at his biz, Charm City Cakes), all the the time.

  2. I’m kinda depressed by all the people complaining about the “crew” not being in the right positions.

    People! Can’t it just be a freakin’ awesome cake?

    (I would -love- to get these guys to do my birthday cake, but they don’t deliver outside of Baltimore. :< )

  3. #2: They do deliver outside of Baltimore, if you watch the Charm City Cakes show on Food Network you can see them delivering (for the right price of course) as far as Chicago and New York! I’m in Gaithersburg, MD so I’m definitely getting them to make me a cake when I get married!

  4. Did anyone see that episode of “Ace of Cakes” where they made a cake that was actually made of cake rather than the usual fondant over wood, cardboard and PVC? Their cakes look awesome. I wish you could really eat them!

  5. #2 Blind Zen Archer: “People! Can’t it just be a freakin’ awesome cake?”

    I don’t really care about which frosting Trek character is standing where, but: This is not really a cake, it’s a themed decoration. And if you’re going to do a decoration, whether it’s Star Trek or anything else, you may as well get the subject right. It’s not like they traded theme accuracy for a better taste or texture. The “cake” is nothing without the theme.

  6. I’m sure that it tastes like self-imposed virginity. Yes, Trekkites, don’t try to deny it.

  7. duff IS the ace of cakes.. that was cleared up by egriffith. but actually the vast majority of the cakes i’ve seen them make on the show are edible. occasionally they’ll make a purely decorative one if that’s its main purpose – for example a mini version of the rockettes at radio city for their 75th anniversary or whatever, and a huge faberge egg meant to be a keepsake. alright too much detail, but just wanted to defend charm city cakes as a bakery first and foremost! otherwise it’s sort of a cop-out

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