Robots No Follow tee

For the search-geek in your life, this handsome "ROBOTS NO FOLLOW" tee. Link (Thanks, Dana!)


  1. Worrying that I just had to explain the T to our Web Guy ;p
    They also do a very nice Swedish T…

  2. It’s cool, but is this a cultural reference to something that is going right over my head?

  3. #8

    It’s a meta-tag thing for webpages. Tells search engine indexes to ignore the page.

  4. Well, I tried to order, but they have a broken link for sizing chart and their paypal cart won’t do the right shipping amount. Best of all, their contact email inbox rejects messages because there’s no such user at that address. No No Follow shirt for me :(

  5. I do hope someone is spending time at the playground teaching new skipping rhymes: “Robots no follow! Robots no follow!” You owe it to your descendants.

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