ATF Leatherman tool kits inscribed: "Always Think Forfeiture.”


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  1. mgfarrelly says:


    Second prize was a set of steak knives.

    Third prize is you’re fired.

  2. Xopher says:

    But Mark, then they’d have to change their name to ATIUPG to make it match. Alcohol, Tobacco, Imposing Undeserved Poverty, and Greed?

    Actually that kind of works.

  3. Antinous says:

    Government is just a business. A big business that you have to do business with.

  4. Thomas says:

    I wish MY Leatherman had been inscribed “Always Think Forfeiture” because it might have reminded me to put it in my checked suitcase the last time I traveled by airline. Instead it was forfeited to TSA. I wonder how many forfeited Leathermans the TSA has in their collection now?

  5. zuzu says:

    Government is just a business. A big business that you have to do business with.

    Oh, and government can also murder, steal, and kidnap.

    In that sense I liken government more to an armed gang — a gang with flags.

    They’re principally just running the protection racket (i.e. taxes).

  6. proto says:

    Running law enforcement as a profit center is just a bad idea.

  7. EricT says:

    I have always despised the concept. Too many opportunities for corrupt institutions to abuse it for their own good. I even wrote a story about it years ago. The premis was that the abatement laws reached their logical conclusion and Detectives were more like commissioned sales men than law enforcement. The main characters first big score was following the Drug Auto siezure auctions and following some rich guy that bought a known drug deales old classic Mustang. Pulled him over on a “Bad Tail Light” and searched the car till he found a seed or something. That gave probable cause to search his house only to finde some drugs of a maid or something. “That first big bust netted me over 500 grand in commissions alone”

    Gawd this shit needs to stop.

  8. catbeller says:

    I wonder how many forfeited Leathermans the TSA has in their collection now?

    Not many. As I have understand it, they sell them. For personal profit. On eBay, sometimes.

  9. landwomble says:

    I’d presumed that this slogan was talking about getting your Leatherman confiscated at the airport…

  10. proto says:

    Actually, maybe we could use this! Pick an attractive item that was sure to be confiscated. Build into it some kind of transmitter/recording device. Presto! We get to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

  11. Takuan says:

    “Always Think Theft”

  12. zombieprincess says:

    Like the motto or hate it, don’t give Sali the credit. The ATF had already stopped using that motto before Sali wrote his publicity letter. The cryptic response led him to believe he’d been the catalyst for change, and he looked like an idiot (which, if you live in Idaho or pay attention to politics, is no surprise.) Anywho, here’s the story:

  13. mdhatter says:

    Amendment The Fourth.

  14. angryhippo says:

    “We regret that ATF’s training initiative created a misperception.”

    Oh shut up. Why don’t these PR flacks just come out and say: “I guess we have to feed you something so here is our non-apology. Now go away.”

  15. kenmce says:

    #4, I assume they keep the good stuff. The rest of it can be found in places like this:

    You can see at least three Leathermans in this auction.

  16. mad_prophet says:

    Instead of carting off the National Guard (which are supposed to be the state militias until Perpich v. US) to Iraq, they should be sending every swinging ATF Richard and Richardette out to Iraq for the duration. They can confiscated all the things that go boom that the insurgents have. After all, they are a federal agency that was created expressly for that purpose.


    I looked at the other auctions of that seller of a batch of NTSA confiscated knives. He has about FOUR HUNDRED pairs of nail/cuticle scissors for sale all at once in groups of 20 – 30. Just imagine the mayhem that was averted by the confiscation of those deadly weapons. The mind boggles. Simply boggles.

  18. jimh says:

    @#1 mgfarrelly:
    What does it take to search and seize the citizenry’s shit?

    It takes BRASS BALLS to search and seize the citizenry’s shit.

  19. presterjohn says:

    This story is planted by Apple to diffuse the larger scandal over “Bilderberg 2008″ ipods.


    Even though I know it says ‘citizenry’s shit’, my brain keeps reading those words as ‘chickenry shit’. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

  21. ill lich says:

    “so that persons who do not regularly employ the strategy as part of a criminal investigation might be reminded to consider it”

    That IS promoting forfeiture, period. It should only be used if it becomes apparent that it’s truly necessary. But of course, greed always wins– if they think they can rob an honest citizen by using the law, they will.

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