The making of Señor Coconut's Da Da Da video

Señor Coconut made a cool Latin version of Trio's "Da Da Da."

PingMag has an article on the making of the video.

Señor Coconut is a unique and long-standing Latin music project by the electronic music prodigy, Atom Heart. His recently released album, “Around the World,” gathered a lot of attention for his Latin remakes of tracks by Prince and Eurythmics. PingMag had the opportunity to witness the shooting of Señor Coconut’s music clip. The studio was bustling with activity in a collaborative effort between Atom and the stylish and exotic performance unit ROMANTICA!


  1. High school was much better b/c of this song, and I love this smoooth latin version. To me, though, the video looks like the same old sexist trash, just with cooler props. (like fantastic tiki mugs.)

  2. Ernie Kovacs would have loved this–swinging Latin tinged fun and the sexiest Nairobi Trio ever!

  3. If I buy this album will those girls come to my house with tiki drinks?

    Sex sells ya’ll

    business as usual

  4. Whoa, speaking of cooler props, the gorilla suits at 0:47 are awesome. We’re getting together to make custom gorilla suits this October at the Gorilla Suit Workshop, and I think I’ve just made two firm design decisions:

    1) No rubber gorilla chests
    2) Snaps, not velcro, and
    3) Front closure.

    Because, you know… DAMN.

  5. all these years listening to Señor Coconut and today I see this wonderful post.

    Kudos BoingBoing, from a long time fan.

  6. we know that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… but a banana? I’m surprised he didn’t put in some good ol’ fashioned bamboo…

  7. damned if I could figure out how to buy the new album, Around the World. Seems to not be available anywhere Around the World.

  8. funny .. the PR copy i got has this song with German lyrics … and i even think it is the original Stefan Remmler vocal .. in general .. very cool

    how come Senor Coconut is so successful and Richard Cheese cheeses behind ??

  9. Gotta second JDW242B’s comment.

    I’m a huge fan of Senor Coconut – been to see them perform live when they came to London for the Yellow Fever tour.

    They’re so much more than a covers band and Uwe (Atom) has an uncanny sense of subtle deadpan comedy in all his Senor Coconut productions.

    Check out “Yellow Fever!” – a fantastic Yellow Magic Orchestra latin bonanza. One of my favourite albums ever. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new release, though.

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