Flooded London photo exhibit


Squint/Opera's photography exhibit "depicts imaginary scenes in London in 2090, when rising sea levels have inundated the city." They made it look like fun! Flooded London


  1. looked forward to that as a kid, diving the sunken cities. Then I spent a year or two underwater and realized that anything man-made gave me the creeps.

  2. Oooh, part of me really hoped this was a still from a film version of Will Self’s The Book of Dave….

  3. No it will NOT be fun.

    For some realistic talk about a set of images much like these, I refer you to the great Geoff Maunagh of BLDGBLOG: http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/search?q=greenpeace

    “Given images like these, the future looks exciting again.

    Of course, such thinking is absurd; thinking that flooded cities and continent-spanning droughts and forest fires will simply be a convenient way to escape your mortgage payments is ridiculous. Viewing famine, mass extinction, and global human displacement into diarrhea-wracked refugee camps as some sort of Outward Bound holiday – on the scale of a planet – overlooks some rather obvious downsides to the potentially catastrophic impact of uncontrolled climate alteration.

    Whether you’re talking about infant mortality, skin cancer, mass violence and rape, waterborne diseases, vermin, blindness, drowning, and so on, climate change entails radically negative effects that aren’t being factored into these escapist thought processes.

    But none of those things are depicted in these images.

    These images, and images like them, don’t show us identifiable human suffering.”

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