Kittens in a Barrel

When you are having a certain kind of day, revisiting this clip from The Mighty Boosh is wise advice.

Kittens in a Barrel [YouTube, thanks Coop].


  1. That show is mental. A friend and I mainlined the entire first two seasons in a single weekend, never having seen it before. You think by the time you get about midway throgh season 2 you have acclimated to the level of weird, and then they break out the final ep, with the coconuts, and you realise you’re only an amateur.


    Boosh is fantastic.

  3. I actually have a copy of this picture from a MB swap at Crafster :)

    If you think Coconut Joe was odd, “The Party” in season 3 was extreme over the top.

    …Now if they would only tour the live show in the US…

  4. It works just like magic! I need one of those postcards at work – with a soundtrack, of course.

    (Nanageddon comin’)

  5. Boosh! Boosh! Stronger than a moose!

    Don’t skip series 3! It’s the best one!

  6. Don’t lock your door, or we’ll come through your rooftops!

    Look at his little face…

  7. Series 3 was good. It’s hit and miss for some though. Crack fox…give me a break that’s some of the best tv i’ve seen.

    ‘I’ma done a tummy shame.’

    The Power of the Crimp was good to.

    ‘Wha ha ha … peacock dreams’

    Look in you tube under maightee

  8. The only redeeming episode of series 3 was the crack fox one…

    Series 1 has that low budget charm that I just can’t go past! Plus otters in bibs are basically the greatest thing ever.

  9. Before mighty boosh, they were arctic. I was thrilled to discover someone has youtubed their performance in Australia 2001:

    No kittens, but bloody funny.

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