Captain America, Fuck Yeah!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Blow some shit up!

Captain America Fuck Yeah
[YouTube; the song in this unauthorized and infringalicious fan video was lifted from the great Matt Stone and Trey Parker epic, Team America: World Police, referenced in these BB posts of yore: 1, 2.]


  1. That isn’t my America.

    I’m not some TV-besotted “love it or leave it” violence-prone dipshit who knows nothing of the rest of the world.

    Sorry, bad timing. I’m about halfway through Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine.” Not a good time for “America, Fuck Yeah.”

    I highly recommend the book, BTW. Truly a red pill/blue pill eye opener.

  2. #10: Rick, if you haven’t already, watch Team America: World Police, for which this is the title song.

    If taken with a pinch (OK, a shaker) of salt, it’ll probably make a welcome break from more serious criticism/analysis of current world politics.

    And think Neocons – they’re the ones ushering in the era of American colonialism. (“America: World Police” as a cynical veneer for the advancement of global U.S. economic interests). If you’re American, think of ways you can get the Neocons out of your political system.

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