Sound of jello wobbling

The University College London placed a tray of jello in the shape of St Paul's cathedral in an anechoic chamber and recorded the sound it made when it wobbled.

Sound artist Douglas Murphy, who recorded the sound says: "It is refreshing to explore the sonority of a much neglected physical property: the wobble factor. Jelly entices us into a strange but compelling world of organic sounds. The sonic wobble is captured in two ways: by carefully recording the results of gentle coaxing and by expressing the wobble frequency as physically powerful base tones." Sound of jelly wobbling (Telegraph)


  1. Creepy. But I guess that’s what I imagined it would sound like.

    Anechoic chambers are waaay cool.

  2. …where do they get the idea that jelly was never recorded before though? Did they ask everyone?

  3. It’s like the “fist in jar of mayo” sound from South Park, with a slightly more sodden undertone.

  4. it doesn’t sound right – the smack smack smack sound isn’t created with jiggling; it’s created when something smacks against something else. Also, if that is the sound, it’s out of sync i think. I can’t imagine jiggling jello jiggling fast enough to produce a sound a human can hear from vibration – it has to be leaving and/or coming into contact with something to make a sound. the video shows no such movement.


  5. I wonder what it would have sounded like if it had been made in a Kremlin mold or perhaps The White house?

    1. The Kremlin, being a large collection of buildings, would probably be much louder. The White House already sounds like that.

  6. That reminds me so much of the time I made a coconut flan for a group of friends who had come for the weekend. The recipe was a disaster, but there was much hilarity with the “fap fap fappity” sound the flan made when it was jiggled in the pan. That was such a fun weekend. And yes, I would SO want this as a ringtone. But then, I ain’t right.

  7. “Jelly entices us into a strange but compelling world of organic ***.” Very much something I expect to see on the back of a pron flick.

    …I can’t stop giggling at that noise! I think I’ll turn this a ringtone myself. Yay!

  8. I think my friend described it best:

    “it sounds a lot like the sound comedians make with their cheeks when they are trying to simulate the sound of men masturbating.”

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