Laser-engraved fingernails

My pal Christy at Instructables says:
Our intern Bilal (a runner-up in the last laser cutter contest) painted and laser-engraved his fingernails, then realized he could use press-on nails for a safer and more portable version. Of course, since concept is everything, he went for an epic Beards vs. Mustaches historical character smackdown. (At any rate, it's much less gross than the laser tattooing.)
Laser-engraved fingernails (Instructables)


  1. Decades ago I had the idea of modifying a dot matrix printer (who remembers the DEC LA35) as a raster scanning tattoo needle. Didn’t work.

    Then when ink jet printer came out, iron on tattoos. You print your design with an ink jet (or today, maybe a color laser printer) on transfer paper and get out your iron. Never actually tried it…

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