Star Wars photoshopping contest


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  1. Doc Tourneau says:

    You used the term “fine art” and the name “Thomas Kinkade” in the same post.

    I’m confused…

  2. billster says:

    The Kinkade is gone :(

    I guess the Dark Side got to it.

  3. ReidFleming says:

    One of the better Worth1000 contests I’ve seen in quite some time. Among the highlights is the Thomas Kinkade alteration. Why anyone pays money for his originals with their greeting-card quality is beyond me.

  4. cal says:

    I like the Vader Warhol. I would hang that on my wall!

  5. frogsmoker says:

    If you like photoshopped classic art you’ll also love the stuff on Bouguereau Remastered

  6. OM says:

    …MAKErs and old ladies with a knitting fetish take note: the above image screams inspiration for a plush AT-AT toy of this size!

  7. InnerNinja says:

    star wars wookie is brilliant. i’ve always thought chewbacca fulfilled the canon of proportions, and his perfection deserves recognition.

  8. ornith says:

    @#1: even worse, they now make Christmas-village-style statuettes out of his crap. If the catalog I saw those in is any indication, he appeals to the same people who buy those creepy little porcelain figures of pale little children with huge eyes.

    It’s not just the cheesyness that’s so awful about him, either – his “originals” are reproduced a bazillion times by an uncredited staff, and he just puts finishing touches on and signs them.

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