2nd Century AD bust looks like Elvis


Neatorama found this photo of a 2nd Century AD bust that bears a resemblance to The Hillbilly Cat.

Roman Elvis (Neatorama)


  1. Come on and be my little good luck charm
    Uh-huh huh, you sweet delight…

    Thank yuh thank yuh verymooch.

  2. “Tedere me ama”

    I tenere me, suaviter
    Ama intime
    Me beasti dulciter
    Et nunc amo te
    Tenere me adama
    Vero somnio
    Amo te, o lux mea: Fiat unio.

    (from this)

  3. >>#4 posted by Hentosz , July 23, 2008 4:47 PM
    >>Lemme guess: it was from Caesar’s Palace — right?

    Nope, it’s a crouton from a Caesar salad. Hard on the teeth though…

  4. Did I forget to mention
    Did I forget to mention Memphis?
    Home of Elvis and the
    Ancient Greeks

  5. #9 hahaha that’s priceless. No, the fat elvis head.
    How about a hunka-hunka-burning love?

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the Amphitheatrum Flavium.

    Eh, it’s jut not the same.

    1. Elvis has left the Amphitheatrum Flavium. Eh, it’s just not the same.

      But it’s a good point, because it was during the Flavian dynasty that Roman bust portraiture took a turn toward the grotesque. I’m not sure what political considerations drove Elvis to take a turn toward the grotesque, but I’m glad that he did. My only regret is that James Dean didn’t live long enough to wear a white, rhinestone-studded sausage casing.

  7. Two great Kings of the modern world have appeared, sculpted by two great empires of the ancient world. When the third King is revealed, he will take his place beside He of Pop and He of Rock to welcome our returning savior.

  8. if elvis had lived a bit longer i think all the coke would’ve done that to his nose too.

  9. Antonious, that rocked! Personally, I suspect the Flavian busts were fairly accurate representations of the hairstyles and fashions of the day, and the advances in drilling technique simply allowed more lifelike replication of the absurdity of period style.

    I like the republican era stuff best. Lookit this guy –


    (He looks just like me, only without pupils or a mohawk.)


  10. James Dean took an early exit via the vomitorium. Elvis was known to vomit opium. Coincidence? I think not.

    That said, did anybody else read Elvis and Me? In it, Priscilla mentions Elvis taking LSD, and talking to angels on Graceland’s roof.

  11. I’m starting to wonder if BB should absorb Neatorama or the other way around… Maybe we could have a contest to decide…

  12. Funny I’ve always felt that my bust of Elvis looks very 2nd Century…(you know the bust I mean…)

  13. Don’t you … step on my blue suede sandals?

    C’mon and be my little … good ankh charm?

    We could go all night with these.

  14. Wikipedia:

    “A vomitorium (plural: vomitoria) is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, through which crowds can “spew out” at the end of a performance.”

    And later:

    “A commonly held, but false, belief is that Ancient Romans designated spaces called vomitoria for the purpose of actual vomiting, as part of a binge and purge cycle.”

    James Dean exiting the stage. Just referencing “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

  15. yes, quite.The true Latin name for the purge area was the “horkatorium”,later changed by Claudius to the “Hwalpitia”

  16. Strange that these anachronisms are showing up just as I’ve powered up my chronoapollumic generator… perhaps I should turn it back off just in case.

  17. 2nd Century AD bust looks like Elvis

    Posted by Mark Frauenfelder, July 23, 2008 4:20 PM

    Hmmm…. does this explain the lack of posts today beyond this one?

  18. This is not a true “bust”, obviously since it’s just a head, but it’s also not even a free standing piece of statuary. It looks like an Acroterion, an architectural ornament. Acroteria were usually in the form of palmettes. It looks like the sculptor kept the traditional shape by giving this guy the flamboyant hair so reminiscent of Elvis.

  19. Does everyone finally see? Elvis isn’t dead; he’s always been alive. And in about 100 years he’ll make yet another “comeback”.

  20. He’s hanging out in Hollow Mars; he’s better appreciated there. But yeah, he’ll be back.

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