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  1. kathode says:

    I bought these about a year ago. They’re fantastic, and great fun to use in company Powerpoint presentations. The bullet points are little Cthulhu heads!

  2. Cpt. Tim says:

    buy their call of cthulhu silent movie. its well worth it.

  3. Torley says:

    Sweet! These would be neat to create some vintage-styled posters with; I can see a number of them having uses in graphic novels, too. What a lovely find.

  4. Anonymous says:

    #14 It’s still available from their website – http://www.tesla-museum.org/download/Tesla%20OTF.zip

  5. Anonymous says:

    The movie for which the fonts were developed is truly a marvel. Hands-down and unequivocally the best Lovecraft film to date. And a brilliant neo-expressionist film in its own right. They actually got the “non-Euclidian geometry” right – like the acute angles in R’yleh architecture acting like obtuse ones.

    Many of the fonts are available for free download, but not all. The fonts are… horrible! Dreadful! Will drive you mad! Don’t touch them!

    (Like Sluggo and Kathode, I also want to horde them and not share the goodness. They aren’t perfect typographically speaking, but I less-than-three them to death. And beyond… mwaahaahaahaaaa!)

  6. Arcadian says:

    I’ve been lying to myself for so long. These fonts have convinced me that I do in fact have a thing for graphic design.

    WW2Blackletter and Telegram made my heart beat faster.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with #7 – I was pretty floored with the quality of the film, both in it’s execution and as an adaptation. I might even go so far as to say that it’s the best Lovecraft film adaptation yet made! All done by a bunch of low-budg nerds! Sorta renews my faith in the Great Old Ones…

  8. bat21 says:

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  9. Bill Beaty says:

    NO TESLA!? tesla-museum.org seems to have removed the free copy of the Tesla Handwriting Font. Here’s another source (a zipped OTF file) with a bit of project history: http://www.tipometar.org/kolumne/TeslaFont/iFramesEng/Text.html

  10. Metostopholes says:

    Oh man, I’ve spent more money then I’d like to admit in public on their Lovecraftian movie props. For me though, it’s worth it to have a couple bookcase shelves full of “mythos artifacts”, and wryly talk to people about how I collected them on my various world journeys.

    Man, this really makes me want to try starting a regular CoC campain again, but I know from experience it’ll end in broken hearts, bleeding eyes, horrible mutilations and uncurable insanity. :”’(

  11. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    Tee hee hee, Bat21 tongue’s got eaten by a Shoggoth!

  12. han says:

    Using fonts for Lovecraftian handwriting is no good when you need to replicate the parts where the very sanity of the writer has been affected by irreal forces from beyond the ken of man.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Call of Cthulhu silent movie IS wonderful! We got it at the World Horror Convention 3 years ago!

  14. usonia says:

    Oooh, I bought this set years ago (yeah bought ‘em. Mneh.), it’s got some of my favorite blocky retro-gothic fonts ever.

  15. sluggo says:

    #1 I can’t tell if you’ve been disemvowled, or if your soul has been ripped from its moorings by a slimy black tentacle.

    I also bought this set, there are some kerning issues here and there (maybe fixed after going opentype?), but it remains my go-to collection for me.

    That said, you should avoid them, as they rock, and I don’t want you to know about my secret weapon.

    I’ve been hearing that there is a new collection in the works for a few years now, but I believe the dark master is keeping them hidden for unfathomable reasons.

  16. Bill Beaty says:

    Speaking of preserving our sanity by avoiding Scientific Investigations into realms best left untouched…

    there’s a NIKOLA TESLA FONT available for free at the Tesla museum in Beograd:.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Dang, I was hoping this was IN Cthulhu’s handwriting, or his tentacle writing….

  18. ShadowDancer says:

    i thought i would download the free set first. good thing i did as all i got was a browser screen of garbage. no file downloaded…

    the elder gods must not want me to have these.


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