Jeff Vandermeer talking to writing-camp students at Shared Worlds

Matt sez, "Here's a short video featuring author Jeff VanderMeer talking about Shared Worlds, a two-week summer camp experience where students work with authors and instructors to create entire worlds, complete with history, economy, language and culture. Students write in those worlds, share them and apply them to fiction, art, and game design. This year's camp just ended, but they're already gearing up for next year!" Shared World's -- author Jeff VanderMeer (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. I know nothing of what Jeff teaches. But I would think that a great place to start is with kids learning history. The history of China or Japan or where ever. Because those places in times past (and present) seem as alien as anything I’ve ever read in sf/f. Add some technology that’s borrowed from Star Trek and you’ve got a whole “new” universe.

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