Bigfoot press release, by Graham Roumieu

An unidentified source (oh, hell, alright, illustrator Graham Roumieu) sends us this press release issued by Bigfoot himself about recent cryptid news. Click for larger size so you can read all hims big talkings, which begin -- natch -- with "HELLO, I BIGFOOT." Imagine Cookie Monster's voice dialed up to volume 11, with a lot of reverb and bloodstains, and you can sort of hear it in your head.

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  1. That is funny. I, too, hear Cookie Monster’s voice as I read it. Same sentence formation, I guess. Or lack there of…

  2. OMG I did not know we were supposed to be praying to him, too!!
    I was spending so much time and $$$$ with gassy tilton that I completely neglected my huge hairy overlord…

  3. I’m so glad he didn’t ask for a cheezeburger!! Might have to hunt him down and put him out of his misery. As for Chupacabra, one’s right here with the remnents of my shoe in his mouth. Damn breeder!! Purebred Norweigan Elkhound he said, lying bastard…

  4. I almost choked on my coffee. Good stuff. Also, i had gotten a few of this person’s pictures several years ago online (Graham that is) and had forgotten his name. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hey! Shout out, Bigfoot! This Yeti.

    How come you no call no more? Me think you mad at Yeti. Make Yeti sad. Me no sleep good now.

    Call soon or maybe Bigfoot friend Jason M. wake up dead. You see.

  6. Love Graham’s bigfoot as much as bigfoot hate squirrels. (They shave bad word in bigfoot’s back fur.)

  7. Bigfoot want to say, all image of Bigfoot copyright. Bigfoot send all website with Bigfoot picture or video, DMCA ‘takedown’ notice. Bigfoot want also royalty on all Jack Links, ‘Messin’ with Sasquatch’ commercial, cause Bigfoot likeness used with no Bigfoot permission. Bigfoot also trademark ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Sasquatch’ name so no you can use without Bigfoot permission.

  8. In a bit of perfect timing, Graham Roumieu’s new Bigfoot book came out about three weeks ago, titled I NOT DEAD. It’s the best Bigfoot book you’ll read all year.

  9. I live in Georgia. He really talks like that, and he really does love taquitos. Every time I go camping, I have to remember to buy a box of them just for Fred- er, Bigfoot. He also tells a lot of crude jokes and will smoke all your cigarettes if you let him.

  10. for those in the know, bigfoot charges a reasonable price for arson. he also presents a revealing look at the debauchery going on among woodland animals.

    love the guy

  11. Bigfoot may not like squirrels but if you haven’t read Roumieu’s A Really Super Book About Squirrels you should look it up, it’s a real gem.

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