Claymation zombie film

Chainsaw Maid is a creepy, extremely gory, and well-made claymation zombie movie.

If you enjoyed it, here's more. (Thanks, Johnny Ryan!)


  1. Housekeeper/Zombie Slayer/Adulteress

    I’d say that character was well written.
    Can’t wait for more.

    Also, does anyone know if Gumby can be found on DVD?

  2. that was awesome! I also loved the way the dad drank his coffee after the soon to be zombie spilled her guts on the table.

  3. I saw it the other day. Really good work on the part if the animators.

    That sort of thing takes an extremly long time to produce.

    I did a 5 second bumper for my film productions animating the Archie Mcfee Avenging Unicorn Playset and it only took 50 moves at about 2 frames per move. I did it against a green screen so I had no sets pieces to fiddle with and it still took us about 5 hours to produce and edit.
    If you want to see it, here is a link to a blog post.

  4. @Lea
    When I originally posted the blog entry I had hoped to whore some views out of it. But at the time I was also a noob reading BB. I did not until later actually get the meaning and intent if the whole Unicorn Chaser thing. And Infact I did remove the tag from the post before I made my post.

  5. That was awesome. Had to watch it twice. The other movies on their website are also amazing, if not a bit macabre. Well done!

  6. Barfing up one’s own guts–it’s funny in claymation. Or at least I thought so. But I wouldn’t want to see the real thing.

  7. Good Lord that was terrible. I mean just awful.
    And also:
    “They’re coming to get you, Day-Vee”.

  8. It was actually kind of funny how over the top it was, and actually not incredibly gory seeming to me, since it still looked like clay guts. (Not incredibly realistic.) Her puking her entire guts including her brain at last made me laugh. Suuuuree.
    The cowering master of the house while the maid stands there, protective was funnny. (what a wuss the guy is!) The tiny maid being able to use the chainsaw as a weapon was also silly. Even a really fit guys would have trouble with a chainsaw as a weapon.And after all that horror no one’s puking. She just smiles and bows? I think from the way she handles that chainsaw she’s done this before.

  9. Housekeeper/Zombie Slayer/Adulteress


    Kind of presumptuous, no? I don’t remember seeing a plasticine ring on the guy’s finger. Hers either. It could be a Courtship-Of-Eddie’s-Father thing — the housekeeper tires of waiting for the thick-headed widower to notice her.

    Oh, yeah. Mrs. Livingston was hot. I bet she could handle a chainsaw, too.

  10. Loved the camera moves that mimic live-action cameras and those gaping maws! It seems that zombies and claymation are a match made in heaven… OR HELL!

  11. Perhaps only from Japan can emerge a work of such simultaneously high calibers of horror and cuteness.

  12. Please don’t call it Claymation, please don’t. That’s a copyrighted name that Will Vinton made up and it is a horrible lumpy and pointless word.

    There’s no such thing as celmation, sandmation, cutoutmation or puppetmation. There is cell animation, sand animation, cut out animation and puppet animation. And there is clay animation. It’s a perfectly respectable term for a find animation technique.

    Claymation is used for Will Vinton’s clay animation, things like the California Raisins, horrible tacky dancing turds that make you want to flinch.


  13. Loved the bit of Twin Peaks music. Now I want to see a clay animation (ahem!) version of the Man From Another Place.

    “I have good news! That gum you like is going to come back in style.”

  14. Ah, this reminds me of the good old days of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH. (The original version. The revival a few years ago just wasn’t the same; it felt like the makers just didn’t have their heart… or their spleen, or their pancreas… in it the second time around.) (And will we EVER see a complete-series set of the original CD?)

  15. @Pip

    What about Super Marionation which if memory serves was the name for the marionets used in the original Thunderbirds.

  16. I just love how she flicks the zombie’s arm off her shoulder with contempt…

    And yes: The little bow and smile at the end just wrapped it up oh so nicely. The whole thing is just brilliant!

  17. @Erict

    I read that as Super Mario-nation… and was trying to picture itsa mee, Mario in stop-motion. That is, until you brought up the Thunderbirds.

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