Five years with the master of Pac-Man, by Joshua Bearman


Joshua Bearman says:

Let it be known that anyone interested in 8,000 words about Billy Mitchell, the world champion of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Burgertime, and many other arcade games, need look no further than the July issue of Harper's, where an article about such appears. Perhaps you are thinking: but my Harper's subscription ran out and since it's now August the July issue is long gone from stands! This is true. Which is why the article is available HERE AS A PDF.

And my apologies for being about six weeks behind on my mostly non-operative blog. This article was many years in the making, and was begun long before I wound up working on King of Kong. (BTW: King of Kong fans, rejoice! There is another whole dimension to the competitive classic gaming realm to be found here.) But the article came out while I happened to be out of the country getting married! This was also many years in the making and even more exciting, and so Billy Mitchell appearing in Harper's sort of snuck past me. But don't let my momentary inattention fool you: this is likely the most readable and entertaining look at the metaphysical implications of competitive Pac Man yet to appear! Slate's endorsement: "Best Culture Piece" of the month.

Five years with the master of Pac-Man, by Joshua Bearman