"To My Surprise" music video by Syd Garon + crew (feat. Slipknot members)


10 Responses to “"To My Surprise" music video by Syd Garon + crew (feat. Slipknot members)”

  1. swestcott says:

    wow great song and very cool video to bad you can not get the album as a download any where

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks strongly inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi

  3. Robert says:

    I *knew* it was the Wave Twisters guys the moment I saw the first few seconds. Wave Twisters was AWESOME!

  4. Tranquil says:


    Your just not looking hard enough.


  5. Torley says:

    I liked Wave Twisters a lot too.

    Hm, thanks Boing Boing for turning me on to Episodic.com — I was wondering which video player you use, and this is very crisp and high-quality!

  6. vonnegutlives says:

    The character designs remind me a lot of Mike Allred’s Madman comic series:


  7. FutureNerd says:

    Now I just need to BUY an ALL NEW computer to be able to watch this.

  8. Bonegnawer says:

    Every time I try to play this video, it corrupts my flash player and I have to uninstall/reinstall flash.

  9. martha_macarthur says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I like totally weird music videos. That also made me so much happier than any Slipknot song ever has.

  10. avraamov says:

    ‘Le Tool’. like it.

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