Stop motion film by PES: Western Spaghetti


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  1. hohum says:

    PES is one of my biggest inspirations, as a crap-I-got-my-film-degree-now-what-er. I somehow hadn’t seen this one yet, and I think it may be my favorite. Good stuff.

  2. travelina says:

    Tremendously wonderful.

  3. sammich says:

    yay! the new Jan Svankmajer :D

  4. ps says:

    this is the type of thing for which that I used to LOVE Sesame Street.

  5. Sawdust says:

    Wow, that was great! The die “melting” into smaller and smaller dice was especially cool.

  6. hiroken says:

    @ 5

    I remember seeing it here as well, I thought

  7. Gabriel Cooperbey says:

    It’s amazing how enjoyable that was :)

  8. drivenbyboredom says:

    This is super old.. The strange thing was I thought I saw it on here first… hmm… guess not.

  9. skatanic says:

    This video reminds me of another stop motion artist. I thought I originally saw his videos here but I’m not sure. The one video i remember is of the making of pot brownies but i can’t seem to find the video now. Does anyone know which videos I am talking about and where i can find them?

  10. MichelleMcCormack says:

    I’ve seen this before – a while ago. I can’t remember where. Anyway, I love stop motion, and this is great.

  11. skatanic says:

    Never mind, I found it. Milkfat!!!

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