Titles from Little Nemo in Slumberland


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  1. Rich says:

    @Amsterdam – Exactly what I came here to say.

  2. kip w says:

    I got to gaze upon some McCay original pages at a museum in Newark last year. I think I’ve read that McCay worked directly in ink, and that’s what it looked like from where I stood — no pencil marks, no erasures. No white ink corrections, except where it looked as if he’d spilled the ink over his page. It reminded me of what I heard about Bob McKimson, as an animator — when he drew, he just sped, and it looked like he was inking a pencil drawing only he could see. A Mozart of the page (Mozart’s manuscripts seem to show no hesitation or second thoughts).

  3. Morpheus says:

    Check out that whole “Meeting McCay” blog… They’ve got posts on the NES game, the movie, McCay’s comics and animation, and tons more…

  4. devophill says:

    I think that game was based on an animated film released around the same time that was in turn based on these comics.

  5. Amsterdaam says:

    There was a game for the NES based on this series called Little Nemo – Dream Master (1990). It’s amazing going back to the things you loved when you were growing up and realizing that there is history behind them.

  6. Pipenta says:

    Raymond Scott and Windsor McCay? You’re hitting all my favorites this week. A directory of wonderful things indeed.

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