Titles from Little Nemo in Slumberland

AZ sez, "Here's a beautiful collection of title panels from cartoonist Winsor McCay's classic (early 1900's) series 'Little Nemo in Slumberland'." Slumberland Titles (Thanks, AZ!)

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  1. There was a game for the NES based on this series called Little Nemo – Dream Master (1990). It’s amazing going back to the things you loved when you were growing up and realizing that there is history behind them.

  2. Raymond Scott and Windsor McCay? You’re hitting all my favorites this week. A directory of wonderful things indeed.

  3. I think that game was based on an animated film released around the same time that was in turn based on these comics.

  4. I got to gaze upon some McCay original pages at a museum in Newark last year. I think I’ve read that McCay worked directly in ink, and that’s what it looked like from where I stood — no pencil marks, no erasures. No white ink corrections, except where it looked as if he’d spilled the ink over his page. It reminded me of what I heard about Bob McKimson, as an animator — when he drew, he just sped, and it looked like he was inking a pencil drawing only he could see. A Mozart of the page (Mozart’s manuscripts seem to show no hesitation or second thoughts).

  5. Check out that whole “Meeting McCay” blog… They’ve got posts on the NES game, the movie, McCay’s comics and animation, and tons more…

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