CBC's Search Engine back in podcast form

Jesse Brown, host of the excellent CBC radio show Search Engine (senselessly cancelled by CBC brass after an immensely successful first year) sez, "People keep telling me that my radio show was canceled last season. I refuse to accept this, and will therefore continue producing new podcasts every week. The first zombie episode of Search Engine is now online! It features an awkward discussion between me, the CBC exec who gave us the axe and a guy who started a Facebook group to protest the cancellation. There's also a story on our embarrassing federal election, titled 'Canada is retarded.'" Zombie Search Engine Episode 1, MP3


  1. Ah, man. CBC -used- to be such a classy operation. Well, welcome to the long, long list of great shows that were stupidly cancelled. And welcome to an age where that doesn’t fing matter anymore. We SHALL overcome.

  2. Despite the fact its not actually CBC, and yet we have CBC stuff all over it… strange… but hey if it means more search engine in whatever form it takes, thats fine by me.

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