Hot Tub in a Dumpster

Michel de Broin built a hot tub in a dumpster: "The dumpster is used to frame its contents - 1649 litres of filtered, chlorinated water. Its interior is lined with waterproof blue material while a pump and filter system ensures the purity of its contents. Powerful jets stimulate the sensorial experience." Blue Monochrom | 2003 (via Make)


  1. Is it just me, or is the waterproof blue lining actually painted on? There’s blue paint splatter that looks to be exactly the same colour as the inside of the dumpster…

  2. To me it looks like one of these shape shifting machines, a la The Fly trans-mutator, or the thing from Altered States.

  3. i thought this would be something way different. and i was trying to imagine where this glorious dumpster might be. big rock candy mountain perhaps?

  4. Dumpsters are a great place to hide from zombies; providing you can get one with a metal roof. Eventually, the zombies, (climbing over other zombies), will break through a plastic top.

    But, once they get inside and devour the “contents” you have a dumpster full of zombies that can’t get out!

    Add gasoline, and you have an empty dumpster in short order.

    Of course, after the zombie war, there was no more gas, but I digress.

  5. i saw this in montreal. unfortunately there was a security guard around…

    i thought it was what the artist would have wanted.

  6. It’s a good size and has a built in lid, perfect. I would’ve painted the outside too, maybe a different color, or tiles.

    How does one acquire a dumpster. Does the city auction off used ones?

    She’ll make point five past jet pump speed. She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.

  8. Makes me think of Gibson and his “Stealth Houses”, what a great way to hide your solvency, right out of Zoolander.

  9. @22: She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much kid, but she’s got it where it counts.

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