Full length color movie cartridges for the original Atari 2600

Want to watch a movie? Want to watch one on a 1977 game console? The Atari 2600 is now a movie player, thanks to moviecart, by Lodef Mode.

This revolutionary new product will allow for the first time ever, anyone to experience the joy of the silver screen directly from the comfort of their own home, in stunning digital accuracy. Boasting an impressive 80 x 192 resolution, 7 bit color and 4 bit monaural audio, begin building your full length feature film library today.*

I would like to see the baby's specifications.

Two fields are alternated at 60 frames per second. Each field consists of a checkerboard pattern of 10 x 262 cells. Each cell contains one of 128 colours and is 8 pixels wide by 1 pixel deep. This produces an effective resolution of 80 x 262 @ 30 frames per second, with 10 colors per line.

Sound is 4 bit mono produced at 15.720 KHz.

It looks perfect.

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