Taibbi: Scariest thing about Palin isn't how unqualified... it's what candidacy says about America.

Snip from a blog post by Rolling Stone contributor Matt Taibbi on the media phenomenon surrounding Republical vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the modern United States. As a representative of our political system, she's a new low in reptilian villainy, the ultimate cynical masterwork of puppeteers like Karl Rove. But more than that, she is a horrifying symbol of how little we ask for in return for the total surrender of our political power.

Not only is Sarah Palin a fraud, she's the tawdriest, most half-assed fraud imaginable, 20 floors below the lowest common denominator, a character too dumb even for daytime TV -and this country is going to eat her up, cheering her every step of the way. All because most Americans no longer have the energy to do anything but lie back and allow ourselves to be jacked off by the calculating thieves who run this grasping consumer paradise we call a nation.

(...) The great insight of the Palin VP choice is that huge chunks of American voters no longer even demand that their candidates actually have policy positions; they simply consume them as media entertainment, rooting for or against them according to the reflexive prejudices of their demographic, as they would for reality-show contestants or sitcom characters.

The scariest thing about Sarah Palin isn't how unqualified she is - it's what her candidacy says about America (Smirking Chimp -- thanks, friends list)

Above, the infamous 2005 blessing of Palin by Thomas Muthee, a witch-hunting evangelical minister from Kenya. In this ceremony, he and others lay hands on Palin, while Muthee prays she will succeed in government, calling on believers to seek positions of influence in government, education and business, because...

If we have that in our schools we will not have kids being taught how to worship Buddha, how to worship (Prophet) Mohammed. We will not have in the curriculum, witchcraft and sorcery," Muthee said.
(thanks, Emeka Okafor)


  1. I think this post needs a YouTube unicorn chaser.

    Rep. Kaptur calls the bailout bill a ‘tar baby’:

    I figured people might appreciate hearing a politician who can speak her own mind!

  2. Wrong topic, Sunfell?

    * * *

    The fact that Palin can slaughter a moose carcass more than makes up for her lack of experience, corrupt practices, and freaky fringe religious views.

  3. We still have a representative form of government. If the leaders seem corrupt, its because they are correctly representing a corrupt electorate.

  4. Yeah, we must defeat the Muslims who would bring us back to the 12th century, and follow these people, who would merely return us to the 14th.

    How does this church maintain a tax-exempt status?

  5. I agree with the author’s analysis, but I know more people who blindly root for Obama based on the same type of “reflexive prejudices”. They don’t really understand his policy positions; all they know is that he is a Democrat, and therefore, different than Bush.

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  7. They don’t really understand his policy positions; all they know is that he is a Democrat,

    and what do YOU know about him? I mean, aside from our inner thoughts?

    I support Obama because he’s led a life much more like my own. He owns one car. He gets his shoes re-soled. He turned down 6 figure jobs to work for a church. He’s lived in his car.

    McCain is a good man, who has changed previously passionately held positions more in the last 2 years than in the previous 40, and who chose a running mate who makes crazy people froth at the mouth.

    Really, what else do I NEED to know when it comes to voting in my own self interest?

  8. @DISTRUBANIST – Spot on.

    Another thing thats scary about this post is how utterly extreme that Matt Taibbi’s comments are. You would think he was describing some sort of monster – when in fact he’s describing the most normal person to enter politics in years.

  9. on the faces of people who have never, would never, kill the food they eat.

    you assume FAR too much, but you’re frothing at the mouth at us, spreading your bile, fair Christian – and that is all I need to hear.

  10. On December 11, 2006 in a speech delivered at Cleveland City Hall, Kucinich announced he would seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for President in 2008. His platform for 2008 included:

    * Creating a single-payer not-for-profit system of universal health care that provides full coverage for all Americans by passage of the United States National Health Insurance Act.

    * The immediate, phased withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq; replacing them with an international security force.

    * Guaranteed quality education for all; including free pre-kindergarten and college for all who want it.

    * Immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    * Immediate repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act.

    * Fostering a world of international cooperation.

    * Abolishing the death penalty.

    * Environmental renewal and clean energy.

    * Preventing the privatization of social security.

    * Providing full social security benefits at age 65.

    * Creating a cabinet-level “Department of Peace”

    * Ratifying the ABM Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol.

    * Introducing reforms to bring about instant-runoff voting.

    * Protecting a woman’s right to choose while decreasing the number of abortions performed in the U.S.

    * Ending the War on Drugs.

    * Legalizing same-sex marriage.

    * Strongly promoting workers’ rights.

    * Ending the H-1B and L-1 visa Programs

    * Restoring rural communities and family farms.

    * Strengthening gun control.

    * Legalizing medicinal marijuana and decriminalizing non-medical possession.

    (Unfortunately he looks like an elf and saw a UFO, and so we are stuck with the current “options” — further proof that no one cares about candidates with policy positions…alas)

  11. @ #8 MDH

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  12. Another thing thats scary about this post is how utterly extreme that Matt Taibbi’s comments are.

    Awww, taste of your own medicine… doesn’t go down very well does it?


  13. “””We still have a representative form of government. If the leaders seem corrupt, its because they are correctly representing a corrupt electorate.”””

    No, its because they’re representing a moronic electorate.

  14. What, nobody is allowed to learn, grow, and change their minds? I mean, I’m just curious.

    When they’ve all changed during the race, no.

    Yeah, I love that part. It is the whole reason I came down on the McCain side. This is going to be so much fun.

    That says so much about your heart. Thanks for clarifying.

  15. Yeah, I love that part. It is the whole reason I came down on the McCain side. This is going to be so much fun.

    I mean, Wigwam, you’re entitled to your cynicism, but is a good laugh the best you can hope for out of this country? Is that really what you vote on?

  16. @ #17 MDH

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  17. I’ve often killed the food I’ve eaten.

    Sarah Palin horrifies me because she is a mental midget – not because she can accomplish the exact same tasks our ancestors, 300000 years past, could accomplish, but because those are taken as /qualifications/ for running a modern society.

    If Sarah Palin is a quality candidate for Vice President, then so is Ron Popeil.

  18. It thrills me that she engenders not just abject and open hatred, but such open-mouthed, gaping horror on the faces of people who have never, would never, kill the food they eat.

    Yes! I, too, will proudly cast my vote for the candidate who hunts, because they “keep it real.” I don’t care if they’re an incompetent, babbling fool. They hunt! And because I also kill my own food and believe this makes me more “real”, having Palin in the Oval Office will justify my feelings of superiority over non-hunting, supermarket-shopping, puny hardly-Americans! We will return to the glory days of the US, when men were men and could wear coonskin caps in public!

  19. Wigwam, the fact that someone can point a boomstick at something a couple hundred yards away, pull a trigger and take its life does little to suggest a competence in governing. It does suggest a willingness to separate oneself from the results of ones actions.

    If I, an urban dweller with little wildlife around me save the odd squirrel and crow, killed what I eat, how would that help? That I don’t doesn’t mean that I’m afraid to.

    If I shot a moose, I hope their scarcity in my neighbourhood would impress you more than Palin’s having done so where they wander up to your bedroom window in the clear afternoon light. If I gutted it and crawled inside, using its carcass as a sleeping bag, forsaking my apartment, would that make me a better leader than her? If I looked out through its eye sockets, could I see Russia? What if I put lipstick on it?

  20. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Palin is not pretty.

    And she’s a psychotic zealot and a bigot.

  21. @wigwam jones
    Just because you kill something and eat it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Jeffrey Dahmer for example. Historically not everyone has taken the job of hunter, so there is really nothing behind that except your opinion.

    I find it quite scary that people still believe in ‘real’ witches. I know many places around the world still hold superstition in higher regard than science or fact–what is more frightening is that these aren’t ‘crazy’ people living on the street and talking to their hand which they’ve painted a face on, but people that hold power.

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  23. I know hunters and fishers who are voting for Obama.

    I also know vegetarians who are voting for McCain and are crazy about the Palin nomination.

    Microtrending is for the birds.

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  25. Wigwam Jones:

    She’s a sexist, racist homophobe (by definition: She is running on the 2008 Republican platform, which is sexist, racist, and homophobic) – who wishes to ban books from libraries (the mark of the small-minded), advocates abstinence-only sex education (when it obviously does not work!), is forcing her daughter to marry the goon that impregnated her (so much for respecting her children) is intolerant of other religions than her extremist Repture fantasy (see quotes from TFA above), believes the Earth should be scientifically viewed as only a few thousand years old – and – that such a thing should be taught in public science classes – and – that “Intelligent Design” is a viable scientific alternative to more than a hundred years of overwhelming evidence supporting Evolution.

    M-E-N-T-A-L M-I-D-G-E-T

  26. OK. Palin is unqualified for VP, even though she is one of only 50 state governors in the US.

    Obama, on the other hand, has a whole three years of experience as a Senator, one of 200. And he is not even trying for VP, but President.

    Hmmmm. Pot, meet kettle.

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    Sprtd frm r ctns? N.

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    dn’t spnd lt f tm wrryng bt ppl’s rlgs blfs s lng s thy dn’t try t mps t n m. My rsrch nt Srh Pln hs nt ndctd tht sh ds tht.

  28. @#31 BARDFINN

    “advocates abstinence-only sex education (when it obviously does not work!)”

    Now I don’t think abstinence only is the way to go but should we stop regular sex ed because a lot of pregnant teens had it? Think on it.

  29. @ #30 Antinous


    You’re trolling. First warning.

    I beg your pardon. May I ask, since I am a newcomer here, is it permissible to voice a contrary opinion to the original article? If so, I am curious in what manner I could do it without ‘trolling’?

    1. Wigwam,

      You’re not trying to express an opinion. You’re trying to pick a fight. That’s not going to happen.

  30. @WIGWAM don’t forget that she also goes hunting with her children. That means that apart from all the work that goes into actually getting game she also has taught her family to get up at the crack of dawn in order to do something difficult and rewarding. The fact that her children have not shot off any toes means that she (or Todd) probably did a good job with gun safety.

  31. enoch_root @34:

    “Now I don’t think abstinence only is the way to go but should we stop regular sex ed because a lot of pregnant teens had it? Think on it.”


    Let’s play Bingo.

    Lack of proper punctuation: I-35.

    “Think About It”: B-17.

    Sentence makes no sense no matter how hard you try and rephrase it: N-22.

    Harrkev @32: The phrase “was President of Harvard Law Review and a Constitutional Law Professor before his” seems to have fallen out of the middle of your phrase.

  32. um, wow. thanks

    never heard of him till now, he is the heir apparent to the mad doctor Thompson

    wow, what a great article, best thing I’ve seen all week

  33. I’m just relieved Taibbi is wrong. Palin’s popularity is tanking. American’s don’t like her.

    As an Obama supporter I have to ask: Why are so many pro-mccain posts being disemvowelled? From what I can make out, they’re not especially inflammatory, but maybe I’m missing a crucial sentence.

  34. @ #40 Antinous


    You’re not trying to express an opinion. You’re trying to pick a fight. That’s not going to happen.

    Thank you for the reply. I won’t trouble you further.

  35. One of the things that frustrates me about Evangelicals is how little they know about other religions, yet they want those of other faiths to listen to them about Christianity.

    In theory Buddhist don’t worship the historical Buddha, they see him as an teacher. Because every sentient being has its own Buddha nature.

    But I guess that that is a moot point, since the real serious issue is how little the public is using is critical thinking faculties. Call me crazy, but I somehow see a connection.

  36. T #37,brdfnn:
    bm s mr f prfssr f MST f th cnstttn, mns ths bts tht h rlly dsn’t lk, lk th 2nd mndmnt.

    Nw, f h rlly DD blv n th NTR cnstttn, wld prbbly vt fr hm.

  37. Cory: The sentence you’re missing is “Funny, sir, how you always seem to find yourself in an Alliance-friendly bar come U-Day, lookin’ for a quiet drink.”

  38. But it is indicative of a person who has lived a real life.

    What you leave unsaid, but cannot avoid suggesting, is that anybody who doesn’t hunt probably hasn’t lived a real life. Which makes so many of us big ol’ fakers, I guess.

    Know what I think is funny? All the Palin fans trying to act like she’s clearly got the stuff to be VP or President. It’s like watching an 8 year old who’s convinced himself that Pokemon is real try to explain it to you.

  39. Why don’t you tell us how Obama is competent. What exactly has he done or accomplished that makes him the best vote.
    Sarah Palin is not running for president. Trashing her has become this campaign’s national pastime and I am truly sick of it. By the way a great many of our Presidents have been hunters; while shooting animals is not my idea of a good time, when done responsible it a personal choice not a topic to judge a future VP on.
    Grow Up America. Talk about the issues, talk about the stregths of the candidate you feel offer this country the best leadership, focus! on whats really important—like uhm the economy, Iraq, and our future oil resources.

  40. Hrrkv #44: xcpt tht h spprts th Scnd mndmnt – whps.

    Nthng n th Cnstttn grnts crmnls r th mntlly nstbl – ths wh hv prvn r fr whm w hv rsnbl blf tht thy r lkly t dmnstrt dngrs r nt-scl bhvr – th rght t br rms. Nthng n th Cnstttn grnts y th rght t pnt ldd gn t m, n th bss tht my rghts r nly vltd f-nd-nly-f th bllt ctlly mks cntct wth my prsn r prprty.

    N-n nds flly-tmtc rfl wth rmr-prcng rnds t hnt fr fd, nr t scr thmslvs r thr prprty nr fmly, whl bng trtd fr schzphrn r mnc-dprssv dsrdr, nr whl ndr th nflnc f ntxcnts, nr d thy nd t crry thm ldd n th strt r n th trnk f thr vhcl.

    Plyng LL-Smntcs wth pltcs mks n mntl mdgt.

    1. bardfinn,

      I disemvowelled Harrkev’s comment for a reason. This post is not about the 2nd Amendment. Isn’t there enough material in the link to keep us busy without resorting to that most tiresome of discussions?

  41. Katybeth:

    Anyone running for the position of Vice President is inherently representing themselves as being capable of fulfilling the duties of the Vice President – one of those being assuming the duties of the President, should he/she become incapable of executing them.

    Thus: She /is/ campaigning for President, and her party’s campaign material represents that she is ready to be President.

    Obama was the President of the Harvard Law Review and was a professor of Constitutional Law – that’s quite a lot of qualification.

    The character of the person who is in office – their ability and willingness to execute the Oath of Office, faithfully and truthfully – is a large and fundamentally important issue. It is the Mother Of All Issues. It is why Nixon and Bill Clinton very nearly were impeached.

  42. Antinous: I wasn’t intending to discuss. I was intending to shut down “discussion” of disingenuous and misleading Talking Points.

  43. Wow, everyone seems to know everything about a woman who has only been interviewed (nationally) a couple of times, plus a few sound bites here and there.

    What happened to the party of tolerance?
    If someone disagrees with your solution to a given problem, they are automatically evil?

  44. Antinous: Thank you! I enjoy temporal anomalies.

    I believe that the answer to bad ideas is better ideas. Your job is to keep the discussion in-line. I understand that it is your job. I have faith in the ideas I espouse to be reasonable and to be better answers to the inflammatory gross over-simplifications tossed out by trolls.

    When I attain the ability to accurately, and 100% of the time, determine beforehand what exactly you and other moderators will disemvowel – then I will not “feed the trolls”. Until then, I will continue to shut them down by reason instead of by fiat.

  45. @#37 let me spell it out more clearly.

    -You claim abstinence only education does not work.

    -I am assuming this is either because there are young women who unintentionally get pregnant after having abstinence only education. I am guessing that you are specifically referring to the pregnant Palin teen (although we have no idea what kind of sex ed she had).

    3) Your argument is the same as saying “unwanted teen pregnancy happens after teens have had comprehensive sex education, therefore it obviously doesn’t work!”

    If you are making some other argument enlighten me. The real crux of the issue is that the government can’t stop young horny kids from doinking no matter what they do. Are there less unwanted pregnancies amongst those with comprehensive sex ed? Are there less amongst those who have abstinence only?

  46. TheMage: I do not claim to know “everything” about Sarah Palin, nor do I claim to know “everything” about anyone other than myself. I don’t know Barack Obama from Joe Biden from Adam. I know their policy positions. I know their voting records. I know their party platforms.

    I have read the GOP 2008 party platform – it’s a racist, sexist, homophobic document; It’s antecedents and cousins (especially the Texas GOP platform!) are more obviously so. They also, covertly and overtly, seek to disable or destroy the fundamental principles of American Government – equality, liberty, justice for all – and put into place a religious hegemony. That Sarah Palin is beholden to the architects of that religious hegemony says /everything I need to know/ about her lack of ability to faithfully execute the Oath of Office of the President of the United States of America.

  47. Idiocracy, why not?

    Remember who they made the blazer with the presidential seal and extra long sleeves for in Breakfast of Champions?

    Here’s another consideration: What would a McCain victory in America say to the rest of the world?

  48. “Are there less unwanted pregnancies amongst those with comprehensive sex ed?”

    Yes. There are also massively fewer incidents of STD infection, including far fewer outbreaks (that’s OUTBREAKS, not SINGLE INCIDENTS) of HIV amongst those with comprehensive sex education.

    On the one hand, healthy functioning young adults.

    On the other hand, people and families whose entire lives have been destroyed because of preventable ignorance.

    Abstinence-only sex education /does not work/ to prevent pregnancies and /severely/ increases the chance that the child will put themselves and others at risk.

  49. Brdfn, “rcst, sxst, hmphbc”= mr ht spwng.

    Lkng t #11, (s prdctv, wll pd mmbr f scty) dsgr wth mst (NT ll) f B’s plcs.

    Nw spps wld fl dffrnt f wr nmplyd, nnsrd, hd n ftr plns, nd wntd t b tkn cr f n vry pssbl wy. jst prfr t hv ncntvs t sccd nd t hv n hg fnncl pnlts fr dng s. m NT ssmng y r ny f th bv, m jst sttng cn dsgr wth y nd nt ssm y r vl.

    Cn y?

  50. Looking at #11, (as a productive, well paid member of society) I disagree with most (NOT all) of BO’s policies.

    Uh, #11 is an outline of Dennis Kucinich’s policy positions.

  51. Whoops, must be why I don’t disagree with ALL of the positions.

    I should have known better. #11 knew way more about policies than the 90% of the BO voters I know. (Im in Hawaii, more “blue” than the deepest part of the ocean around us.)

  52. Themage: The GOP platform continues support for the War on Drugs – which is Racist. It supports abstinence-only sex education and is against sex education – which is sexist. It denies homosexuals equal representation and treatment under the law – homophobic.

    so, yes – it /is/ more hate spewing: by the GOP.

    I am not just “making up” the Republican social policies, they’re in the PLATFORM.

    I am an employed, insured, independent father of one stepson and one son on the way. I also happen to not be a sexist, racist homophobe. I disagree with all of the GOP social policies, and most of the fiscal policies – Gramm is the /architect/ of this financial crisis. The Democratic platform is not perfect, but it is far superior to one built by people who avowedly wish to destroy the Federal government that provides regulation and oversight and enforcement of the Constitution.

    As I have a brain, I can only assume one of two things of people voting or running or supporting Republican: Either they are ignorant of the evil they are supporting, or are colluding with it. Neither of these things are things I have any reason to respect. It is the duty of citizens to be informed of their communities and governments, both how they work and how they have worked – or failed to do so – in the past. It is their duty to understand why and how particular portions of government act and the historical basis for that.

    Anyone who asks me to pardon their apologia or willing ignorance gets no pass from me. Anyone who asks me to pardon their collusion gets no pass from me.

  53. Once upon a time, the average American expected the POTUS to be a scholar. The office was worthy of an expert on the law, the constitution, foreign affairs, economics, and an experienced diplomat and orator. It was not terribly important that the POTUS be just like you and me- we WANTED someone smarter and more capable, we admitted that we probably couldn’t do the job.

    Somewhere along the line, however the American voter turned on the office of the Presidency, and demanded that the candidate be a “normal”, “down to earth”, average person. Intelligence, when demonstrated, became a liability when compared to folksy witticism. We started voting for personality, for the lowest common denominator, the candidate we’d like to have a beer with. America is not reality TV, and it deserves better.

    With a 129 IQ, I’m not a genius, but I absolutely want the President to be. I’m not threatened by an intelligent leader. I don’t want to have a beer with the leader of the free world, and I don’t want him or her to be average. I want a Rhodes scholar up there. I want a Harvard-law educated, constitutional expert. Whether this person can make a fire without matches or not does not interest me at all. I just want to go to bed knowing that the best we’ve got is at the helm.

    I ask you- while Sarah Palin may be a fine person, a good mother, and a proud citizen, is she the best we’ve got? Is the office of the POTUS about popularity or capability?

  54. Whoops, that would explain why I only disagree with MOST of the policies.

    It does figure, as 90% of the BO voters around me do not know his policies (Im in Hawaii, about as “blue” as the surrounding ocean).

  55. TheMage: Given that the people you “know” who vote Obama are likely to be less than a few hundred people – hardly the basis of a reasonable let alone persuasively large section of society – I am disinclined to acquiesce as to the veracity of your nice, round percentage.

    Arr, but There be a lot of long words in there, miss. We’re naught but humble pirates. What is it that I want?

  56. JimH:

    I /am/ a genius.

    I, too, want a Rhodes scholar up there. I want a Harvard-law educated, constitutional expert.

    Barack Obama isn’t a genius. He does know, however, what he is talking about and refrains from talking about that which he does not know.

    That is my highest-valued virtue.

  57. themage, almost all of the ‘hate spewing’ seems to be coming from your side of the aisle. when bardfinn says that the gop platform is racist, homophobic and sexist, it is because he has READ it. have you? one thing that has irked the crap outta me for the last 50 someodd years now is that the gop screams about how they will ‘get gov’t off our backs, greater states rights, smaller cent. gov’t, less taxes, etc… these are wonderful things. however, everytime a republicant takes the reigns, the central gov’t increases exponentially, taxes go up, the states rights go into the crapper and gov’t intrusion into our lives increases. takuan, i believe the message that a mccain victory would send to the world is:” GO FUCK YOURSELVES!”

  58. You know something like Barrack Obama can’t make decisions because when asked to make a yes or no vote in the senate he only votes present. FACT.

    Hold on, I’m trying to get the McCain talking points correct here. Should I not trust Obama because he’s, as McCain said in the debate, the “most liberal senator”–based on Obama’s ‘yea’ and ‘nay’ votes on various issues; or should I not trust him because it’s a ‘FACT’ that he only votes present?

    If you can provide an logical answer to that, you deserve twice as many McCain Points than you’re currently getting.

  59. For the record, I am on the conservative side of Libertarian (but as usual, the Libertarians failed to put up a viable candidate).

    Racist, homophobic, sexist. Still no specifics, just a lot of name calling. Im not saying “no they aren’t”, Im asking “in what way”. This way we can debate, instead of continuing to hurl epithets.

  60. Charming, isn’t it? The way that Palin supporters so ardently worship the Republican VP nominee, because of how MUCH she reminds them of themselves?

    …And how much they HATE Obama fans for feeling the same way about their candidate?

    And somehow, this makes the Obama contingent the Bad Guys?!

    Can any of you Palinistas explain something to me? Please?

    How is it that she’s tough enough and strong enough and ready and able to take on Putin, Ahmadinejad and Il, in case something awful should happen to JMcC, but she can’t screw up the necessary courage to go on an episode of “Meet The Press”?

  61. MDH, this Sunday a few church’s pastors protested the IRS 501 restrictions on politicing from the pulpit.

    The Alliance Defense Fund issued this press release.

    Pastors participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday preached from their pulpits Sept. 28 about the moral qualifications of candidates seeking political office. The pastors exercised their First Amendment right to preach on the subject, despite federal tax regulations that prohibit intervening or participating in a political campaign.

  62. themeage, i believe bardfinn addressed those issues in #67. really not much to debate there. and to be honest, any true libertarian would be flat out outraged by the actions of not only the current admin.( i.e. bush cheney rummy rice gonzales etal), but by the actions of those who contiually strip us of our constitution, and our monetary system which was stripped of its safeguards by phil gramm and john mccain, leading us right to our current financial mess. when obama messes up, he seems to not have a problem owning up to the fact. one thing that really pisses me off about bush, mcain etc.. is that NONE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS NOR OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKES. is that what passes for libertarian these days?

  63. One more comment for those who feel Palin is unqualified due to being a Governor: Can you say Bill Clinton? I didn’t hear you saying anything about him being unqualified when he ran after being a Governor of a somewhat backwoods, backward State.

    n mr cmmnt fr ths wh fl Pln s nqlfd d t bng Gvrnr: Cn y sy Bll Clntn? ddn’t hr y syng nythng bt hm bng nqlfd whn h rn ftr bng Gvrnr f smwht bckwds, bckwrd Stt.

  64. Bardfin, i think your stretching quite a bit in your definitions of racist, sexist and homophobic, and, in any event, most people dont pay any attention to party platforms anyway. In other words, whether your a D or an R has almost nothing to do with if you support or oppose racism, sexism, and homophobia.

    Further, I think that your desire to paint everyone with such a broad brush is indicative of someone who doesnt want to listen. Its way easier to claim that everyone who disagrees with you is evil, then to listen to their points, understand them, and refute them. Trust me, if you actually listen to people you will find that most of them are not racist, sexist, or homophobic, at least, not to any great extent. But you need to get away from the D’s and R’s before you can see that.

  65. #80:
    Hv n d wht yr cmmnt mns. f y cn’t ndrstnd wht wrt thn pls tk sm rmdl crss.

    nd ntns, wht s wth th slntd, pplctn f yr ‘dsmvwlng’ ? f #80’s cmmnt s nt ‘tryng t pck fght’, wht s?

  66. 1up mushroom, this is a truly hilarious comment.

    Trust me, if you actually listen to people you will find that most of them are not racist, sexist, or homophobic, at least, not to any great extent.

    Talk about a left-handed compliment. I know quite a few Bush supporters and they are all racist, sexist, and homophobic, male and female alike.

  67. Random thoughts…
    1) Sunfell! I recognize you from ASC. How cool to know you’re here, too.
    2) I don’t get it either, why Sarah Palin inspires such vitriol.
    3) Educating kids about birth control no more encourages promiscuity than educating people about seatbelts encourages them to have car accidents.

  68. The people who support Bush are never going to recant. Imagine the intestinal fortitude it would require to admit being made a complete and total patsy. These poor bastards have been hornswoggled. They have believed Bush&Co. from the beginning, though they seem to have forgotten his campaign promises from 2000 other than all that gay marriage stuff. That seems to stick pretty well. If they are not all homophobic, why do they trot out the Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage very four years? Also, why does this tack work so well?

  69. Harvey,

    You see what you want to see. If you have comments about moderation, please take them to the Moderation Policy thread.

    1. Oh, also. Calm yourselves, please. More citations and less hissing would make for a far more interesting discussion.

  70. One more comment for those who feel Palin is unqualified due to being a Governor: Can you say Bill Clinton? I didn’t hear you saying anything about him being unqualified when he ran after being a Governor of a somewhat backwoods, backward State.

    Knock Arkansas all you want, but it’s still 4 times more populous than Alaska. And if you want to talk about qualifications leading up to their Presidential/VP campaigns, I’ll raise you Arkansas Attorney General, Chair of the National Governors Association, Rhodes Scholar, Yale Law School and professor at the University of Arkansas.

    Now, let’s see your Palin cards.

  71. Foetusnail, I think your wrong, i live in a very red state and all the repubs i know hate bush with a passion. Trust me, Bush destroyed the republican party. A lot of those people are Obama supporters now, or they are on the fence because of Palin. To republicans, Palin fills a similar role as Obama does to dems; we can mentally fill her untested and ill defined frame with all our own politics, and then what a wonderful world it will be! Again, like Obama, some or all of us are going to be disappointed in the end.

    As for the gay marriage stuff, i dont really know what your talking about.

  72. How is it that she’s tough enough and strong enough and ready and able to take on Putin, Ahmadinejad and Il, in case something awful should happen to JMcC, but she can’t screw up the necessary courage to go on an episode of “Meet The Press”?

    I imagine she feels the press is just “too politicized” against her. If that’s a good enough reason to ignore a subpoena, then it’s a good enough reason to ignore Meet the Press.

    I base this theory on the sarcastic way she delivered her answer to Couric: “I’ll find some and I’ll bring ’em to ya”.

    I got the impression it was all she could do not to bitch-slap Katie for being so presumptuous as to insist upon an actual answer to her question.

    I haven’t heard… Did she get back to Katie with those answers yet? Or was she just being snotty and dismissive?

    1. Or was she just being snotty and dismissive?

      Just purely in the interest of fairness…it was Katie Couric. Does anyone consider her a legitimate journalist?

  73. I’m not talking about the people you know, I’m talking about the people who still support Bush, as was stated in my comment.

    Of course you don’t know what I’m talking about, “at least, not to any great extent”. There is no such thing as being a little racist, sexist, or homophobic. A nudge is a good as a wink to a blind horse, eh.

  74. Does anyone consider her a legitimate journalist?

    She is a legitimate newsreader. She reads news and shuffles papers very well.

    OT, but I don’t understand why she stuck with “Katie” when she got the chair. She would’ve caught some heat if she changed it to “Katherine Couric”, but it seems like an obvious thing to have done. I mean, even Larry Fishbourne went with “Lawrence” when he decided he was a ‘serious’ actor.

  75. Citations.

    From the 2008 GOP platform, Pages 37-55:

    “Abstinence from sexual activity is the only
    protection that is 100 percent effective against out-of-wedlock pregnancies and sexually transmitted dis-eases …”


    “We oppose school-based clinics that provide
    referrals, counseling, and related services for abor-tion and contraception.”


    “Gang violence is a grow-ing problem, not only in urban areas but in many suburbs and rural communities. It has escalated with the rise of
    gangs composed largely of illegal aliens, …”


    “Courts must have the option of imposing the
    death penalty in capital murder cases and
    other instances of heinous crime …”

    Racist. Here in Dallas County where I live, a massive number of convicted murderers and rapists have turned out to be innocent – thanks to DNA testing. They were victims of a racist system that sought to have a very high closing rate on violent crime – so that they could be seen as the “Law and Order” administration. When the system is set up so that /someone/ – /anyone/ – who is the most probable offender is the one tried and often convicted, regardless of innocence or guilt or a shadow of a doubt …

    “We will continue the fight against producers, traffickers, and distributors of illegal substances through the col-laboration of state, federal, and local law enforce-ment. ”

    – racist – because it overwhelmingly targets inner-city dwellers, in ethnic neighborhoods, and not /for instance/ Rush Limbaugh’s trafficker and distributor, who received a monetary fine and a slap on the wrist – or how about Cindy McCain’s dealer? No jail time there. The Republicans are “Tough on Drugs” when it’s the drugs of poor brown-skinned people, but when it’s rich white folks, welllll…

    Oh, an aside:

    “No health care professional — doctor, nurse, or pharmacist — or organization should ever be required to perform, provide for, or refer for a health care service against their conscience
    for any reason …”

    Unless, you know, they swore an oath and licensed with the United States government – and are accepting federal funds for their practice or education – to provide /medical care/ to a /standard of care/ that does not involve imposing one’s private religious views over and above the objective medical care requirements that they’ve sworn to provide. I don’t have a label for that one, except “Dominionist”. The irony: in the /same document/ that cites: “First Principle: Do No Harm”. THE IRONY.

    back on track:

    The sections on banning “desecration” of the American Flag and upholding Freedom of Speech are /right next to one another/. Apparently they are incapable of understanding the notion that the American Flag is /not/ sacred but a secular symbol, and that applying modifiers to a symbol is a requirement of free speech. Sexist, racist, /censorious/ – what was next?


    Page 53: “Preserving Traditional Marriage”. I won’t quote the whole thing, just this first part:

    “Preserving Traditional Marriage
    Because our children’s future is best preserved
    within the traditional understanding of marriage, we call for a constitutional amendment that fully pro-tects marriage as a union of a man and a woman, so that judges cannot make other arrangements equivalent to it.”



    “Women deserve better than abortion.”

    Women deserve better than to have legislators determine their reproductive capabilities and rights.

    Women deserve better than to be told by power-hungry, racist, sexist homophobes who think that the GOVERNMENT is a vehicle for forwarding their own private religious beliefs, when and with whom they are allowed to have children – naturally, by adoption, or through other means.

    “Traditional Family” and “Traditional Marriage”.

    White, anglo-saxon protestant traditional families and white, anglo-saxon traditional marriages.

    And that, /right next/ to the section entitled “Safeguarding Religious Liberties”.

    Let me just paraphrase it: Safeguarding their particular Protestant religious liberties.

    Racist, sexist, religiously bigoted, willing to hijack the government to violate other people’s First Amendment rights in the same /breath/ as they claim to protect them, homophobes.

    Themage: My credo, motto, byword (as it were) – is this:

    Don’t Hold Strong Opinions On Things You Don’t Understand.

    I now concede the floor to the esteemed fellow from California.

  76. My prediction (you heard it here first): Biden beats the shiiyut out of Palin in the debate. No question about it, he kills her. Every question, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. It’s a bloodbath.

    She cries. A little bit. While looking sad… not for herself, but that this Mean Man just doesn’t understand.

    And this is the moment that she carries the election for McCain.

  77. If there are 100 comments about a post, I definitely doubt I am covering any new ground (so I didn’t read them).
    Personally, I find her religious affiliations quite freakily appealing. Actually, can’t wait to see her tattoos, ya’betcha.

  78. (Please, remember this is an opinion, which may or may not be shared by all BBers…)
    The video, while hilarious in a voyeuristically comedic sense, is also quite troubling. Why is it that those who espouse most vociferously and have the strongest -yet most bizarrely backwards- views, are the ones who seem to be drawn most strongly to those that represent the fringe of their beliefs? Why is it, also, that those who may, tangentially share similar beliefs, seem to be drawn to these individuals and to find them, in some sense, attractive, affirming, or fulfulling?

    I was raised as a Presbyterian, however, I was exposed to many different faiths by virtue of the place -and the people- where I grew up. I have come to understand the differences between religious belief systems from both a historical and philosophical context and have adopted an understanding and acceptance of different religions that appreciates the very personal nature that religion represents, yet, I find it confounding that a rationally thinking, modern human, cannot reconcile religious dogma with scientific fact. I can understand that many would find Palin more physically pleasant to look at than Joe Biden (but if one were to scratch the surface a bit -which many have- one might possibly be sucked into the black hole of the most vacuous of personalities and thought processes) yet she possesses no more understanding of the scientific aspects of human history than a Piltdown ponce.

    To get down to it, what is it that the average citizen finds so attractive about this person that warrants all the attention -and a nomination from the GOP, for COL, Dan Quayle was a Rhodes Scholar compared to this one? (I, for one, am appalled -as an American citizen- that this person was ever elected to public office -shame on you Alaskans who voted for her (remember BBers, opinion, be understanding).

  79. f.7, i think that her giving most alaskans about $3500 ( u.s. taxpayer $) did a lot toward her political ascention.

  80. Just purely in the interest of fairness…it was Katie Couric. Does anyone consider her a legitimate journalist?

    Frankly, I hadn’t. But to give credit where it is due, she didn’t let the nonsense blather she received pass for an answer.

    Interviewers often do that, and just move to the next question. And if the politician being interviewed is really adept at giving nonsense answers so that they sound good, the whole non-answer gets too little notice. And they’re off the hook.

    Amazingly, Katie didn’t do that, and I think that’s crucial. How do we expect them to stop lying to us, when they get away with it so easily?

    I’m not ready to promote Ms. Couric to Hardball Journalist of the Year, but at least she didn’t just lob softballs, either. So good for her, I say, regardless of any past shortcomings.

  81. JimH @68 you are absolutely right. It is fun to fantasize about being president. However, very few are qualified and even fewer of those would actually want the job. The very idea this person thinks they are somehow ready to be president is unbelievable and should immediately call her judgment into question, along with that of those who selected her.

    There is a plan here and it is just as evil as its authors believe it to be righteous. The religious right is trying to take over the country and commit it’s resources and children to the final confrontation. And take this to the bank, they do not care about the rest of us, their belief in the rapture is extremely dangerous. In their minds, those of us that do not believe as they are only getting what we deserve; to hell with you all.

  82. I think the repubs thought she would be immune to to so much criticism about odd church connections and inexperience, cnsdrng th xct sm chrgs cn b md n bm.

    They were wrong.

    This is such a sad election. I feel like its what Jim Goad called a fecal duality- two shitty choices.

  83. Extremist views on either side are non-productive. McCain has legitimately worked across the aisle more than anyone else in the Senate. I would actually give Palin the edge on experience even over Obama because she has been a governor, albeit a short time. She has enjoyed a very high approval rating in Alaska. Just because it’s a small state doesn’t scare me, it’s harder to be anonymous there than, say California.

  84. Wow, it’s steamy in here.

    I was wondering if anyone had the thought I did — that maybe the witch-hunting evangelical minister has something going for him? If you listen to what he was asking for, that’s pretty much what Sarah Palin got: “personnel, men and women who will buck her up.”

    I’m sorry he didn’t ask that she be given increased wisdom and intelligence, but we all know how far that goes in getting elected.

  85. just depublish trolls please or ignore them without the disemvoweling, this is unreadable for all the visual noise

  86. broncospin, new here i see. welcome! now tell me the truth, are you here to troll for mccain points ( albeit a kinder gentler trolling), are you pretty much gop no matter what, or , i cant think of a third option( perhaps u can)?

  87. Hi. I was at a music festival all weekend. Did I miss anything?

    MDH: You rock!

    KIB@23: You have a gift of great imagery and logical extraction. I nearly lost another keyboard to beverage spray. I look forward to your future comments. =D

    BARDFINN: You have made some salient points. You can relax now. You are not alone.

    MRSQUIRREL@101: Very good point.

    Anyone comparing Obama’s experience to Palin should be reminded that, in addition to the experience listed above @51 & elsewhere, he also served in the Illinois Senate from 1997-2004. If you want to compare state level experience to state level experience, he has several more years in service. If you want to compare federal level experience, Palin has yet to have any at all. It’s still somewhat Apples and Oranges, but at least get your facts straight.

    GUNN@105: Good point. Many religions teach that only a false god grants power in this world. For as much guff as Obama took for the views of his former pastor, why isn’t the mainstream media shedding more light on Palin’s church? (I know the answer but I’m asking it anyway.) For the rest of my take on this, I refer you to my pastor, the late Reverend Bill. Here is his church.

    XOHN@106: You might want to do as Antinous suggests and peruse the moderation policy (where this comment of yours actually belongs) and get used to reading between the consonants. I generally just ignore disemvowelled posts completely, trusting in the fact that they do a pretty good job of moderation around here. If a comment added much to the discussion at hand, and played by the rules, it would not have been shriveled up so.

    TAKUAN: Do tell! Did WIGWAM JONES make a new ID?

    MIKELOTUS: Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAWM7E_WMfo (A longer version, with helpful subtitles.)

  88. MINTY: All in all, awesome! The Raconteurs stole the show on the last night, for sure. Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck were also a highlight of Sunday; worth getting down there somewhat early for.

    To keep it somewhat on thread, I will tell you that, on SAT night, while tuning up, one of the members of the Yonder Mountain String Band said this: “I just got back from Washington D.C… -Just trying to help them straighten out their mess, you know.”

    This struck me as very funny, in that he seemed to me to be wryly implying that he’d be just as helpful as the candidates were in that capacity. It helped that they were playing the WaMu stage (all the stages at ACL are sponsored by big businesses. If they’d had more time, I’m sure it would have become the Chase Bank Stage.) All weekend, I kept referring to it as the “Federal Bailout Stage.”

    Now I’m a bit sunburned in places where the sunblock didn’t quite get coverage, and itching like crazy from some poison oak I stumbled into (trying to find a place to lock my bike) but it was all well worth it. Thanks for asking. =D

    We now return to the actual topic at hand.

  89. Watched your link, the christians I know don’t believe dinosaurs existed at all; they believe the whole thing is a conspiracy perpetrated by men to undermine the faith.

  90. I agree that Palin actually optimizes what American society has to offer: a swell package that has absolutely nothing in it.

    But, there are glimmers of hope, some of the conservative faithful are turning on her. I wrote a piece about Kathleen Parker a columnist for the National Review, who is absolutely ill about the prospect of Palin stepping in to fill McCain’s small shoes if he dies on the job.

  91. @20

    Ron Popeil would be a tremendous VP.

    He could bail out the economy in just 4 easy payments of $19.99

    Set it and forget it.

  92. Phikus: I can relax on the Fifth of November. /maybe/.

    Engine Here: You’re forgetting the non-refundable shipping and handling – which is inevitably 1.6 times the wholesale cost of the item and 1.1 times the cost of actual shipping.

  93. I completely agree with the sentiment of this article, that the whole electoral process has become an entertainment spectacle. Decisions and choices are made based on how well they’ll scan with a particular demographic. And although I agree that Palin was definitely not chosen for her political leadership qualities, I would argue that the whole Democratic primary was based on the same premise. There were other democratic nominees that I would have possibly voted for. But once Obama and Hillary were in the running, nobody paid much attention to them. It was not about nominating someone who would make a good president, but about nominating someone popular enough to beat the Republican nominee.

    I also think this article (and a lot of the responses to it in this thread) illustrates a prime issue with the 2-party system. Our electoral system has become less and less about voting FOR someone, and is increasingly about voting AGAINST someone. And while this problem wouldn’t entirely disappear if there were more than 2 viable parties, it would be increasingly difficult to focus on the opposing parties, and would force candidates and their followers to focus more on the merits of voting FOR a particular person.

    I’m not sure what the solution to the problem would be. A more anonymous electoral system could be abused, and supporters of “candidate A” could still bash “candidate B”. A non-partisan electoral system wouldn’t work because candidates could still identify themselves with a particular “party-like” affiliation. Taking away campaign contributions removes the freedom of Americans to support their candidate. So, yeah, I don’t know that there’s a better way except to encourage candidates to concentrate on selling themselves instead of bashing their opponents. And to encourage the American people to know more about the candidates before nominating or voting for them. But we’re the country that invented Survivor, so, I don’t have too much hope for that working out.

  94. BARDFINN: Remember remember the 5th of November! If McSame steals another one, we need to all don our Guy Fawkes masks that day and march on the capitol to demand electoral justice be restored. Why should the Brits have all the fun?

  95. Phikus: On October the Seventeenth, it will have been 347 days since November 5th 2007. 347 days. 347 failures.

  96. JimH @68: No, she isn’t. She was so incompetent at being Mayor of Wasilla that they had to hire someone else to come in and do the actual work. Even then, she managed to screw the place up so badly that other towns in Alaska use it as their unit of measure: “We don’t want to wind up like Wasilla.”

    Want to know how stupid she is, politically speaking? We know McCain didn’t properly vet her. She’s turned out to have a long history of dubious behavior and unexamined scandals. After she was named his running mate, McCain sent in a legal team to obstruct justice in the Troopergate case.

    Here’s the stupid part. Palin has a long history of backstabbing her political mentors. McCain might overlook a lot of serious failings, but he’s not going to miss that one. He’s got no reason to trust her any farther than he can throw her. And yet, she’s letting his legal team handle her cleanup and coverup in Troopergate. They’ll have access to everything.

    McCain’s going to have the goods on her from now until the end of time. He can get her impeached whenever he decides to, and put Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge in to replace her, just like he’s wanted all along.

    That woman is stupid to the bone.

    GrimC @74:

    Should I not trust Obama because he’s, as McCain said in the debate, the “most liberal senator”

    You should not trust McCain, because he was lying when he said that, and he knew it. Obama is far from being the most liberal senator. Think about it: more liberal than Kucinich? More liberal than Bernie Sanders? No way. Nowhere near it.

    Bardfinn @95: You are hereby awarded the internet. Take good care of it.

    Phikus @113:

    All in all, awesome! The Raconteurs stole the show on the last night, for sure. Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck were also a highlight of Sunday; worth getting down there somewhat early for.

    That whimpering sound you hear is pure envy.

    FoetusNail @114:

    Watched your link, the christians I know don’t believe dinosaurs existed at all; they believe the whole thing is a conspiracy perpetrated by men to undermine the faith.


    You should try hanging out with different Christians. That lot’s sunk so far in heresy that they’d believe God would deliberately falsify the Earth’s geological sequence and fossil record.

    Samf @121, the two-party system is an emergent property of our political system. Vote for when you can, and vote against when you have to.

  97. Hey Teresa, glad you’re feeling well enough to work.

    They’re family, what can I do but keep quiet, most of the time. I think they believe the fossils are man made fakes. This way they avoid the problem created by the presence of fossils and no dinosaurs in the bible. Why not ride a Triceratops into battle?

  98. Teresa: Wish you coulda been here. In case you missed it, my brief synopses of the other two days are here and here. If you ever want to come down for the fest, it’s around the same time every year. You & your husband (or any loyal BB readers or staff) are welcome to crash at my place, even if we have to set up tents in the back yard. I live a short bike ride from the park where they have it, if you don’t want to take the plentiful shuttles. =D

    Just don’t stand in the poison oak to lock your bike like I did. (It was dark at the time.)

  99. TNH @124, Bernie Sanders isn’t liberal, he’s a socialist! A relatively conservative socialist, since he’s willing to go along with the Democrats most of the time, but still.

    (This post has been sponsored by the Committee to Remind People that “Liberal” and “Left” are Not Synonyms.)

  100. Coming from a charismatic Christian household, this doesn’t really scare or worry me that much. Then again, I can understand why it would be considered “off her rocker” material to those that don’t believe the same thing.

    I know it’s a dead horse, but I think that in many instances, Obama’s religious background (I know he isn’t Muslim!) can be highlighted as worrisome, too. Rev. Wright’s rhetoric can come off as pretty scary to a lot of people.

    Is there an answer? Don’t vote for people with faith? Only vote for people that share your faith? Hope their faith doesn’t affect their politics (PFFT!) – I don’t really know.

    1. @anonymous, I agree with your confusion! I think part of what’s most interesting to me about Palin’s background is how explicitly this group focuses on recruiting “leaders” to implement the tenets of their faith in government. No vagueness about that, when you read the websites and listen to the sermons.

      This sort of language isn’t something I’ve read from Wright’s camp, or from Obama. I don’t believe any of these politicians or their preachers are saints, myself, but I find some elements of the Spiritual Warfare stuff to be pretty disturbing from a “separation of church and state” pov.

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