Adding the Benny Hill Theme to Anything Makes it Funny

If YouTube had a Ten Commandments carved on stone tablets, well, this would be one of them. To wit:

* Shrimp
* Landmines
* War of the Worlds
* Lord of the Rings
* Friday the 13th
* Guys humping Ottomans
* Construction equipment
* Star Wars Kid

The theme, of course, is "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph. I'd like to see one of these videos with the stock market indexes free-falling towards zero, and sad guys on trading floors. Because so far, that's not funny. (Thanks, R Stevens, and BB commenters Neuracnu, Miss Cellania, and Boggis)


  1. What? No Passion of the Christ/”Yakety Sax” mashup? I can’t link you, I’m at work. Someone google that up and post it. It’s sacrilicious!

  2. LOVE IT!

    we had a pet crayfish – it kept me entertained with hours of pure entertainment. wish i’d thought to put it on a treadmill…or added a soundtrack, for that matter.

    NOTE: if you’re considering getting a crayfish as a pet, make sure you put a lid on your tank. crayfish will escape and crawl around the house, Annie Hall style.

  3. I’ve been testing this theory for several years now and I’ve found that the Benny Hill theme by itself does not always work, but speed up the footage and play Benny Hill and only then does EVERYTHING become funny. Guaranteed.

  4. Adding the Benny Hill Theme to Anything Makes it Funny.

    Except, paradoxically, The Benny Hill Show.

  5. It’s so true!!! I guess this somewhat proves that music is more powerful than visuals.

    Must… resist… new obssession!

  6. Amazing how well that works
    And did you know that adding the word monkey has a similar effect when added to a word or sentance?
    yeah, that’ll keep you monkey boing boingers busy for a while. hehehe

  7. @ #12

    Okay, this is officially the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. How do people come up with stuff like that??

  8. omg the sad guys on trading floors pics are great. The last one on the first page had me actually laughing out loud.

    “Uh oh. The market has gone from “face palm” to “face fist.””

    Hehehe, easily recognizable internet meme humor ftw!

  9. So, yeah, most of these are funny, but the 9/11 riff, and to a lesser extent the landmine one, are -way- out of line. Some of us lost friends when those buildings went down. It’s not something to laugh at.

  10. The landmine one would work a whole lot better if there kept being Monty Pythonesque explosions after the initial one. And also, if everybody were suddenly in bikinis. ESPECIALLY the victims.

  11. As long as we’re hitting these internet phenomena at the height of their popularity, I thought I’d make a hamster dance joke. And there it was.

  12. Anyone ever noticed that the degree of humour that can be extracted from an awful tragedy of human misery pain and suffering is inversely proportional to the likely degrees of separation of the social group from the victims of said misery pain & suffering?

    So… there are these three James Blunts, see, walking down the street, when they see a bar…

  13. the trading floor guys link is frigging hilarious. Well, I mean I feel bad for them and all, but comedy GOLD.

  14. My brother wanted to play Bioshock, but was terrified by the ambient noise and the cries of the Splicers. So, he put Yakety Sax on repeat as he played it.
    For a full hour.

  15. I honestly found the 9/11 one kinda cathartic. It felt weird and interesting to laugh at that footage, but in some way it just allowed me to use a different part of my brain in conjunction with 9/11 thoughts. I’m probably just overanalyzing a something awful forum creation, but that’s what I do…

    1. Here’s is an attempt to push the envelope that I haven’t seen anyone else post yet:

      It’s in Xeni’s post.

  16. I have always agreed with this sentiment. I’ve always wanted to stage a production of Hamlet where all the dead people get up and start chasing Hamlet around to “Yakety Sax”. That or every one gets up and starts partying to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” like ending of the “Burns, Baby Burns” episode of The Simpsons. Either one would make me happy.

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  18. @#44 — Oh man, even a discussion of Yakety Sax videos obeys Godwin’s law.

    I think we’ve bumped into an analogue of Rule 34: If you can imagine it, and imagine it sped up, somewhere on the internet someone has put it to the Benny Hill music.

  19. A sort of inversion of the theme:

    Click on the text below the clip to see what this cycles (heh) through when you click on it.

    (It’s an inversion in the sense that it’s a single clip that allows the visitor to pick a soundtrack from a set of options. It’s really amazing how it changes one’s interpretation of the scene and the characters.)

  20. Trying to test the idea, I found an excellent video of a theoretical Palin presidency, and added the Benny Hill theme song. Turns something frightening into something completely hilarious!

    Here it is (proper link):

  21. Anonymous @45, I think that one works better when you’re making fun of your own sorrows, not so much when you’re making fun of someone else’s.

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