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Criggo is a delightful blog that posts scans of funny things from newspapers. Criggo


  1. The very first post: Tuesday at 9:47 am, “report that a kitten was acting suspicious” on N. Licoln Ave.

    That is just too adorable. Where’s the lolcat?

  2. I’d bet anything that’s from Atherton, CA! Well, I don’t know. But you should see the folder full of police blotters I’ve clipped out from those folk.

  3. dang, someone stole my idea!


    been doing this for a while myself,

    mine started out as pictures of dodgy looking DVDs from the DVD rental place, and graduated to pictures of newspaper clippings and odd things I see in shops, all from my hometown of Sligo, Ireland

    Check it out, but check out this one first.

  4. Pretty funny stuff, but with regard to the ‘mailman’; in rural areas, mail delivery is often handled by contractors, who drive their own vehicles. They are not post office employees, so they don’t wear uniforms, no postal jeeps, etc.

    I can understand why someone would be concerned enough to call the police if they were not familiar with this.

  5. LOL. When we moved into a new neighborhood, my wife called the cops on a guy driving around at 4am pulling into driveways and shining a flashlight on houses. At one point he left a bag on a doorstep. Turns out it was the morning paper delivery. the flashlight was to check house numbers :o)

  6. I did some ride-alongs with the local police dept. The sergeant said that rookie officers invariably have a “I’m stopping a possible drunk driver” call early in the morning, and it turns out to be a newspaper delivery driver.

  7. I remember some unintentionally hilarious entries from the Baltimore Sun’s police blotter. They all seemed to involve food-related crimes one day.

  8. My favorite police blotter item ever, which I’m still kicking myself for not saving:

    RP complains of dead opposum outside their door. Officer responds, finds the opposum is fine and just sleeping.

  9. My wife used to deliver mail for a post office, she was their fill in person for multiple rural routes. Now my wife and I are muslim, and she did wear her hijab while delivering. The amount of times she had the cops called on her while delivering mail, not to mention the times she had to drop it off at the door are amazing. They do not supply their carriers with a mail delivery vehicle so my wife had to deliver the mail in her own car which made people even more suspicious. Most of the time she was greeted with attack dogs and people with guns.

  10. There’s a full page dedicated to funny or weird newspapers cuttings in one of the most sold magazines in Spain, El Jueves.

    Yeah, the same one which was censored ‘cos of the princes front cover.

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