Video of a guy implanting an RFID chip into his hand

On his YouTube page, Quethe writes about getting an RFID chip injected into his hand:

I implanted a RFID chip in my hand. I injected the chip myself from supplies bought on the internet. This tag is readable from up to 2 inches from my hand.

I am currently using it to open my handgun safe for instant access. I can have a gun in hand in one second in blackness without fumbling with buttons or codes.

If you are convinced that this is the "Mark of the Beast", then from one Christian to another I hope you read the Book of Revelation and apply more understanding to it that what you hear from those who only offer fear.

The right hand is the action hand (our works) and the forehead is our mind (our faith and thoughts). If the whole book of Revelation is to be understood carnally then I'd suggest we start exploring the ocean for a giant monster.

If you fear government ID tags etc, take a look at Biometrics. Why try to chip people when a machine can identify persons from a distance and without control. These are currently in place in US cities.

RFID is old hat. Just something some Evangelists have used to justify their lack of scriptural knowledge because they are whited seplecures that deny the existence of modern day revelation and prophecy. Learn for yourself.

So if you are telling me I am going to Hell for this, at least read the Revelation of John and pray for understanding.

I will appreciate comments that are sincere or are not knee jerk comments like "Oh my G**! You are going to Hell". The profanity is also not appreciated.

I am not offering advice or giving instruction. I do not recommend this and am not liable. This video is for information only.

RFID Implant in Hand Do It Yourself


  1. I must confess that I have seriously contemplated doing that with the RFID tag from a “CharlieCard”. (the RFID farecard used by the Boston area transit system)

    No more fumbling with my wallet to get on the bus or subway.

  2. There is a certain logic to learning from and understanding the tools of your oppressors. Better to “democratize” getting chipped / RFID, than to leave it up to the State and megacorporations to implement for their own agendas.

    For example, think of gun control. We’re only fucked when only police and military may legally possess firearms. When anyone can have them, the threats cancel each other out.

  3. Chris Tucker @ 1 – and get tracked everywhere you go until you slit yourself open to remove it?

    Perhaps you could put it on a bracelet? Or your watchstrap?

  4. I’m glad that the first thing this ‘christian’ sought with his newfound tech was easier access to his firearms! that’s what jeebus would do! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess: republican?

  5. There are definite benefits to using an RFID to access a gun safe. You don’t have to worry about losing a key or forgetting a combination, and I imagine it’s more difficult for others to break in or for children to get in by accident. I also agree with Zuzu; this guy CHOSE to get a chip for reasons of personal safety. No one FORCED him to do it.

  6. So this is a case where the much-maligned RFID chip is used as a tool for self reliance and self determination.

    Great example of how it’s not the tool itself, but how the tool is used that makes the difference.

  7. meh, good luck with that.
    i’m with mintphresh.
    the story about someone cloning his chip and stealing his guns is going to be much funnier.

  8. Not to jinx things up but, boy do the moderators have some potential nonsense to wrangle in this thread.

    I will appeal to those with sound reason and cool heads as this post has two tigers name of “gun rights” and “christians versus atheists”.

  9. I can’t relate to any part of this story.

    Come on, this has universal appeal. Are you really saying you wouldn’t undergo invasive surgery to have marginally faster access to your firearms? It’s, like, an archetypical human interest story!

  10. If the whole book of Revelation is to be understood carnally then I’d suggest we start exploring the ocean for a giant monster.

    They’re on to you, TAKUAN.

  11. @#7:

    Really? You had to go there?

    I get pretty frustrated when people automatically assume because someone owns a gun they are republican. I can’t really argue the ‘christian’ angle since… well, it’s pretty damn obvious here.

    S, n th hp f brdnng yr hrzns jst lttl: m n gnstc/thst (dpnds n whn y tlk t m), ndpndnt wh hs vtd lmst strght Dm fr th lst 10 yrs, nd m stnch blvr n th “ndvdl Rght” ntrprttn f th 2nd mndmnt.

    Th 1st mndmnt dsn’t cnt fr mch wtht th 2nd t bck t p, nd ths r tw mst sngl mprtnt prts f th S Cnstttn nxt t th rtcls. Why ls dd th Frmrs md t nmbr 1 nd 2?

    My rsns? Mstly my wn. n s fr f n rmd gvrnmnt nd nrmd pplc (s ZZ sttd bv). Th thr s n ppllng rspns tm by mny f th plc frcs n ths cntry. Nt ntrly thr flt (nlss y hppn t b pr nd f mdst mns), d t bdgt cts nd th sz f th ggrphy nvlvd. wll nt stnd by s smn trs t frcbly ntr my hm wth th ntnt t d wh knws wht.

    This man’s proselytizing aside, he has gun safe which he has made responsive only to himself (I am assuming). This does two things: 1)It safely removes the gun(s) from anyone who has no business touching them and 2)It drastically reduces his response time when seconds count.

  12. @22:

    Yeah, I know. Sometimes I’m baited more easily than others. It’s a weakness of mine.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone, and if you took that as a jab, MINTPHRESH, my apologies. It’s not what I intended. And I don’t want to trigger some kind of emotional argument that I see flare up from time to time. I just get tired of seeing the contempt shown here at times.

  13. The same old lessons might be learned anew:

    Not all Christians are Republicans
    Not all gun owners are nuts
    Not all nuts are Christians
    Not all Republicans own guns
    Not all atheists hate christians
    etc, etc. Make a salad out of them.

  14. @20:

    I’m gonna jump in here (long time lurker) just to say that I’ll agree with most of what FLOSOFL is saying but yet I’m an unabashed atheist liberal. Some of my friends jokingly refer to me as their “communist friend” (jokingly, I’m not a fan of communism either).

    So, yeah, this guy is safely storing his guns and now he has a quick and easy way to get to them as well. Quick and Safe – it’s a win for everyone.

  15. yeah, i dunno, if i were so worried about having access to my firearms, i’d maybe put the chip into a ring or a bracelet or something i could just as easily always have ON me, without it being IN me.

    that said, i think it’s a pretty great idea, honestly. As someone who plans to have both firearms and kids, i think the RFID tag lock is a slick solution, it’s just the implantation part seems overly Big Brother-y to me, and frankly a little overt. Knowing the noises my digs made when i had theirs implanted, i don’t think i’ll be having it done to myself anytime soon.

  16. Dude… your crazy… going in slow like that must have really hurt… wow… hurt me just watching it and I get shots every week…

  17. The RFID implant is pretty awesome, but for this non-american the “quicker access to the gun safe” reasoning is pretty funny. Does he really think the world is teeming with villains who want to break into his house and attack him?
    I can have a gun in hand in one second in blackness without fumbling with buttons or codes.
    lol, how dramatic. Boy should put that imagination to good use.

  18. Please don’t turn this into a 2nd Amendment argument.

    Please do explain ‘whited seplecures’ to me.

  19. Kind of cool. Wouldn’t mind having a car or house that only unlocks for me.

    Buuuut when you segue from guns directly into religion? Little creepy.

  20. He now has the ability to draw and fire his gun almost instantly, in pitch black… I am now waiting for him to accidentally shoot his wife/child/dog/whatever in the middle of the night.

    As far as Hell goes, if the Bible is entirely right, just about everybody is going to hell. Even the most devout christians ignore most of the rules given in there.

  21. What is really interesting is that as a Christian, the person obviously feels most threatened by other Christians who are going to hassle him for doing this.

    And as much as I disagree with guns being easily available to anyone with a semi-clean record and a small amount of money, as well as having guns around the house, responsible owners like this person (I am assuming this because he has a gun safe) are not the problem. It’s the morons who don’t take care of their guns, stick them in their sock drawer for their kids to find and shoot my kids, etc. that scare me.

    In short, this is an excellent example of an elegant technological solution to a problem.

  22. lobster, that was the point I was trying (so unsuccessfully) to make. why not just say:” i implanted the chip for safety reasons to keep kids out of places they shouldn’t be.” i don’t see what the fuck jeebus has to do with it. it spins my poor little brain to try to connect those dots. you know, the prince of peace, and easy access to implements of instant death. hence the ‘republicrat’ comment. I have no real contempt for any of these things ( alright, i have some contempt for the repubs who have run this country into the ground for the last eight years, but that is a matter of record), it is just that my irony meter was clicking into overload phase. i apologize if i ruffled your feathers, flosofl.

  23. Emotive, electrochemical stimulus response; cranial plate; bipedal locomotion. Endoskeletal. Contiguous external integument.


  24. Cory Doctorow’s book “Little Brother” exposed me to the idea that RFIDs might be copyable and rewritable. Perhaps easily so.

    Wonder how great this idea will seem when some mischievous scamp overwrites his RFID with another RFID code. Or puts a copy of it onto the dog’s flea collar, thus popping open the safe at random intervals.

  25. Mintphresh@36 saith “i don’t see what the fuck jeebus has to do with it. it spins my poor little brain to try to connect those dots.”

    It’s not about the gun at all–it’s about many millenarian Christians’ fear that RFID is somehow related to “the mark of the Beast”–30 years ago the same paranoia was aimed at supermarket bar codes. Never mind that the Book of Revelations doesn’t actually say anything specific about that stuff–Hal Lindsay and Tim LaHaye said it does, and that’s all the proof some people need.

  26. The guy’s nuts from the git-go. It’s obvious and sad. He’s got God, Sex, and Guns all simmering in his fevered brain. He’s not yet a real paranoid though, just a fucked-up guy busy being bat-shit crazy. A real paranoid only has one gun and it’s never out of sight — he even takes it to the bathroom, especially in the shower, in a nice plastic zip-loc bag. Can’t be too careful when all the world is the Bates Motel.

    How long before he shoots up some church’s congregation?

  27. Sammich, and “THEY” aren’t already “tracking” me now when I use my CharlieCard?

    I suppose if I was SUCH a paranoid twit that I would fear that the MBTA knows I use the bus and subway, I could get a new card and only use cash to add value to it.

    Nah. I don’t care that the MBTA could, with some effort, track my trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, Jamaica Plain, Central Square, Davis Square and Park Street.

    It’s just easier to add 5 or 10 dollars to it with my debit card when it starts to get low.

    The reason for the implant is, A: ease of use. No more fumbling for the wallet. and of course, B: The off the scale COOL of paying the fare with my BARE HAND!

  28. zippy, i guess if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me! i’m done thinking for myself. i’m going off to watch the Peter Popoff marathon now.

  29. Speaking practically:

    Whassamatter with a thumbprint-lock gun safe? And should this post be tagged Maker or body modification?

  30. Ironically, as a Christian myself, my objection to the idea of implanted RFID cards isn’t from revelation but from Little brother. I’m somewhat skeptical that the RFID tag is indeed safe from being hacked.

    I mean, it’s fine if you want to do it, and the general idea is a great one (gunlocks from what I’ve heard sound too cumbersome for self defense) but still I don’t think it’s such a good idea because of the security aspect.

  31. @Chris Tucker – a boon for taking the subway, not so good at the airport. A ring or a bracelet does sound like the better option, and more flexible.

  32. Now, all is well and good until someone chops off his hand just to get into the gun case. I bet he didn’t think about that one…

  33. Oh my God! You are going to Disneyworld!

    Actually, most of the world is not Christian, and thus could care less about the Book of Revelation, except as a weird little book, or your hand, as a weird little hand.

    Also, I believe “Whited Sepulchre” is a type of frosted bundt cake. If not, it should be.

  34. “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead (men’s bones)”

    One would presume the chip injector to be ever, ever vigilant.

  35. My first reaction was “I sure hope the chip and all the equipment were sterile”. Am I the only obsessive germ phobe around here?

  36. I noticed that there’s Junglebook music in the background. I hope the MPAA won’t ask Youtube to take down this awesome film because of the copyright infringement. ;-)

  37. we are heading towards cyborg world. kevin warwick, the english scientist has done 2 experiments of that kind: here is the video where he exaplains his motivations and they way he did it. he actually communicated telepatically as he calles it with his wife who also had a chip implant. here is the video of the interview I did with him in Feb 08 at the LiftConference:
    or go to youtube:

  38. This guy has some serious fear issues. His solution (guns) leads directly to others’ fear issues (slightly-crazy people with guns). I’ll admit that I’m a little scared of someone breaking into my house. So, instead of getting a gun, I adopted a scary-looking but sweet-as-can-be rottweiler. Problems solved. A good dog gets a home. I get protection. No one has to shoot anyone or implant an RFID into their hand.

    Seriously though, I just got my new passport in the mail and I found the RFID. I’d really like to disable it. Will I have any passport problems when I travel?

  39. Once could easily argue that the second amendment doesn’t just make it a right to possess firearms, but highlights a responsibility for a good citizen to be able to own and *CORRECTLY* operate a firearm.

  40. Lea @ 17: Of course you’re right. But it’s not just for christians–look at all these non-christians he suckered in, too!

  41. Sabik, come on! Do you have any idea how little metal is actually IN an RFID tag?

    Far less than the average tooth filling.

    Really, your sense of proportion needs recalibrating.

  42. If it enables you to put a gun in your hand in one second, in total blackness and without thought, it IS the Mark of The Beast.

    (Oh, and stop claiming to be Christian until you understand what the means and can live up to it.)

  43. If the whole book of Revelation is to be understood carnally then I’d suggest we start exploring the ocean for a giant monster.

    Is he talking about Cthulhu sex or something?

  44. Now the only way they’re going to take his gun from him is to wave his cold, dead hand in front of his gun cabinet.

  45. #63 Is he talking about Cthulhu sex or something?

    #64 Been there, done that.

    Don’t want to know the details, thanks ;)

  46. It’s kind of weird that people are suggesting hacking and murder as solutions to how someone would get into the gun cabinet. If I wanted his guns, I’d probably just use a crobar and skip the RFID hacking and the dismemberment.


  47. I don’t think it’s a good idea to advertise that criminals could get to your guns by chopping off your hand, but at least this guy HAS a gun safe.

    My neighbor was a big Second Amendment enthusiast but didn’t believe in locking up his collection. One day his house was burglarized and presto, a couple of dozen crooks were able to join in on the constitutional fun.

  48. I love me a combination of weapon love and christianity – always a winner.

    At the risk of a dsmvllng, is America going to be safer than Europe in the coming feral economic meltdown because citizens can easily own guns? I guess Quethe will have something of an advantage because he’ll be able to get his out in the dark at least.

  49. He said it was readable up to two inches from his hand, which seriously minimizes the possibility that his safe pops open every time he walks by it.

  50. It’s sad that youtube comments are so vividly hateful that many people devote an entire paragraph or more in their video descriptions just trying to say “don’t flame me you twats”.

  51. At a local GO-tech meeting, one of the presenters was showing off his modded electronic home door lock with an RFID reader. He, too, had inserted an RFID into his hand. It was kinda Star Trek-like, watching him just wave his hand over the lock and it opening.

  52. I am worried I would be touching myself and the safe would fly open. I would have guns and self-abuse. A bad combination.

  53. Ok. Let me set aside my Christian faith and go with the technical comment of having your body chipped with an RFID.

    RFID “and” it’s encryption algorithm is not fool-proof. What bothers me having to think of getting chipped with this little tag is the security aspect of being scanned. We know that we are working inside a world where data are sent over the air through modulation of waves and signals. A person with a moderate understanding of available tools and technology can easily intercept these data, copy it and reproduce it. creating multiple you’s as a subject to identify theft.

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