Halloween cocktail photos


Keeping in the spirit of Cory's synthetic snot how-to post, here's a site with Halloween cocktail photos. This particular concoction, called the Brain Hemorrhage is From TangoPango's Filckr site. Halloween Cocktails


  1. I get that you may have learned about this through the Craftzine blog, but if you want to alert people to the content why funnel us through a nearly identical post there, when all it does is link to the actual post on Dabbled and the Flickr set in question?

    Peach, Mint Chocolate and Cherry flavors in one drink? Sounds like just about the most sugary and cloying drink imaginable. It does look nice and gross, though.

  2. the brain:

    in a small glass
    bottom: Granadine syrup
    up:vodka (slow, don’t mix)

    add very very slowly some Baileys cream

    drink in one shot.

  3. Here in France its known as a “cervelle de singe”, a monkey brain. I’m not normally one for sweet drinks but a little shot of brain certainly perks me up and is surprisingly inoffensive. In fact its been too long – I’m off out for one tout suite!

  4. I’ve made a drink I call the Alien Autopsy. Mix approx. 3 parts vodka to 1 part Midori and pour into glass. Get a clean eyedropper and fill it with cream or half-and-half. Insert about halfway into the glass and squeeze out a bit of cream. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

    A pitcher of vodka and Midori with a glowstick in it looks great.

  5. The local alternative club in my home town did a shooter called an “abortion”. It was similar to this – something creamy in something clear, creating a very organic, lobular pinkish thing, with a drop of red for the blood…

  6. in college we had one called” The Test Tube Baby” : two parts tekillya w/ one part Frangelico, take an eye dropper and plop a few drops of half and half into the shot, slam it! shout out to The Bahi Hut for making the best. i believe they’re still there after about a hundred years! mahalo wahini!

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