Video: 'Creepy gnome' back on prowl

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The "creepy gnome" is back.

A NEW sighting of South America's "creepy gnome" has caused panic among locals after a group of youngsters claimed a "midget monster" ran towards them at night.
Video: 'Creepy gnome' back on prowl


  1. For some reason this is really interesting to me. I wish I could be there during a sighting. I would just chase the thing. So what that it’s creepy!? Just GET it! Find out if it’s a little man, or a deformed animal or WHATEVER! Just proactively solve the mystery for crying out loud!

    AND HURRY! I’m dying to know!

  2. You know, the more footage I see, the more I believe it’s just a monkey with a hat. The real mystery is: where did he get the hat from?

  3. Or maybe it’s that creepy kid from Dario Argentos PHENOMENA … when I think about it like that, it actually gets scary .. it smells a little like a viral campaign for some upcomming horror movie…

  4. What’s really pathetic about this hoax is that in March the kids released two different ‘takes’ of their video, one to the Sun and the other to the local paper – both of them ending with them fleeing in the finest amateur drama club terror!

  5. I agree that the most interesting thing is they were dancing with each other. Americans are so damn self conscious and worried that something they do will be seen as “gay”. We can’t relax, be our selves and enjoy life.

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  7. I can’t help but think it’s just a person with physical deformities and hip problems. If so, it’s not unreasonable to imagine them shunning general society, going out at night, etc. Think “Elephant Man”

  8. Creepy Gnome on it’s own… rustic foreign teens with big imaginations.

    Creepy Gnome riding a chupacabra… very credible.

  9. You know, I read somewhere that there has been a lot of gnomes/elves/small fantasy like people and that kind of stuff sightings there and the surroundings area, I think the article was on an argetinean page, in spanish sorry…

    Anyways it makes for an interesting reading.
    sorry for my bad english.

  10. Chase that Gnome down and catch it. There’s at least 5 of you. Unless it really is Nobby Nobbs. Then use some sort of very long-handled net.

    I’m voting viral marketing too.

  11. Um, it looks like a dog. Head down, tail up, four legs splayed in a classic agressive small-dog position. In fact, it looks a lot like the stupid terrier that lives next door to me, when it’s barking at me for having the chutzpah to live next to it.

    Also, the gnome was barking.

    As for “running sideways”, I’ve seen a dog that just runs sort of kitty-korner for whatever reason. Also, if it’s head-down & barking, it likely wants to keep it’s front end towards whatever it’s barking at.

    It doesn’t even look like a gnome.
    I don’t get it.


  12. @ 12

    Wow – that link ( tells a tragic story.

    This guy – a harmless internet dork – decided to visit the scene of this video in Argentina, at significant personal expense. But almost immediately after arriving in Argentina, he was mugged and beaten unconscious by thugs. He ended up brain-damaged, unemployed, and homeless.

    Jesus. *Jesus*. That’s horrible.

    It’s difficult to get that story out of my head. I hope life has started treating this poor guy better.

    – David Stein

  13. @ 30
    yeah, I just read that blog too and it’s pretty horrible.

    clarification though. I think he was in Santa Cruz, Bolivia when this happened… not Argentina.

  14. I agree with #29.

    Listen and you will hear barking sounds.

    Look, without trying to imagine what sort of monster it might be, and you will see a dog.

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