Multicolr - stunningly elegant Flickr tool


Mister Jalopy is having fun with a cool new tool called Mulitcolr.

Idee has built a remarkably easy to use tool for searching Flickr for photos according to color palatte. Besides being completely straightforward and great fun, Multicolr is surprisingly useful to test different color combinations... It should be a standard installation at every paint store. And this is no one off tidbit, Idee is doing other fascinating stuff. Like TinEye Mobile - an iPhone app where you snap a photo of an album cover and it returns YouTube, Wiki and AllMusic data about the release. These folks are worth keeping an eye on.
Multicolr - stunningly elegant Flickr tool


  1. A tool similar to this is one of my favorite things about Etsy. And that lets you actually buy things/art that are in the color palate you’re looking for.

    The album app sounds very interesting as well…

  2. if you were to make the pictures very small, you could make a giant collage of a picture using the “sprite” drawing style of drawing pixel by pixel. but instead of pixels, use pictures! and this would allow you to find the exact tone you need.

  3. The best thing, though, is the error message popup you get when you click on too many colors–

    “In accordance with common sense, decency, propriety, sobriety, and the Search Limitations Act of 1729, we respectfully inform you, our dear user, that the number of colours searched upon must not exceed 10. Thank you for your cooperation.”

  4. #6: Kurt, I meant integrated into the colour search. Of course I’m aware Flickr has CC searching – it’s one of the best things about it. It doesn’t hurt to remind people, though. :)

  5. Oh, this is awesome!

    I’m currently working on a sorting function for our media player which lets you sort the albums by album cover by color.

    How awesome! (Did i just say that again? :)

  6. “Mulitcolr”?! I got all excited and thought this was a utility for NASCAR fans to pick a new look for their locks.

  7. This is very nice… Now, if only some enterprising soul would write an app that takes a picture of one’s area with a laptop webcam, and then re-theme’s one’s desktop and chooses a background with this tool to match the colors in one’s environment. That would be really cool.

    Another idea would be to have a webcam pointed outside and use the colors in its pictures and this tool to choose pictures for digital picture frames hanging in your house at sundry parts of the year. Infinitely variable, in-season, wall art!


    -Adam Keck

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