Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic OBEY/OBAMA image we've seen so much during the current presidential campaign, writes:

Check out this link to a plethora of parodies of my Obama HOPE poster. I’m very happy that the HOPE poster has become such a point of reference. One parody that is not included is something I consider a high point in my career for pop culture recognition. Mad Magazine’s new cover is a spoof of my Obama image. I loved Mad as a kid. I think Mad’s satire heightened my understanding of irony and hypocrisy. I’m very excited to be a part of Mad’s history.
mad history (obeygiant.com, thanks Sean "kappa hunter" Bonner!)


  1. haha, i love mad, and this is only some of the great stuff they do with parodies. its good to have a sense of humor about even the most serious issues, even if its only a little. it helps the human mind distance itself from trauma and keep from blowing a fuse.

  2. I ran a contest on my blog in June for reader self-portrait photographs and the prize was an opportunity to run any image/ad they wanted in the blog’s sidebar for a week. The contest winner was Philadelphia illustrator Kasten Searles, who asked me to run this image on the blog for her prize.

    That’s Burlington, Vermont weatherman Tom Messner. Kasten is from Burlington (where I live) and Messner’s cheesy mug is instantly recognizable to anyone who’s lived here in the last 20 years, but no one else in the world would have any idea who the hell it was. The other part of her prize was that I worked the name “Meteorologist Tom Messner” into ten posts in a row without explanation. My readers were perplexed, but it was fun.

    Kasten also just did this nifty topical Halloween sketch

  3. Wonderful stuff, all of it, all of you. Mr. Fairey should be, and no doubt is, honored.

    The ”NOPE” stickers are superb.

  4. Wow, lot of ignorant hate on that poster page. I can’t wait until January when Obama rounds up all the Christians and converts them to Islam. Oh shit, I wasn’t supposed to say that yet! Damn, now my socialist overlords are going to take away my latte allowance now.

  5. #15: I dunno. I’d reckon it’s about 30% hate (in a fairly evenly bipartisan split), maybe 10% irony and 100% silliness. :)

  6. You know I commonly hear that poster referred to as the Obey Obama poster… but I never realized how chilling an image that makes until I actually slapped it right on there.


    Now I’m a dyed in the wool leftist, and the man has my vote. But a lot of the anti-socialism fearmongering conservative crazies I know look at that hope picture and just see a skinny Chairman Mao.

  7. Can I just mention how cool it is for an artist to publicly applaud and encourage others to remix, reimagine, and reference his art?

    So many times the response we see to images that become popular or iconic is lawsuit and repression.

    Bravo, Mr. Fairey.

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