Synchronized Presidential Debating

If you thought the three presidential debates were similar, here's proof you were right. This video show how eerily similar the candidates' canned arguments were. Synchronized Presidential Debating (Thanks, Joe Dolce!)


  1. Joe Dolce is awesome! I plan to share that with everyone I know on November 5th, since pretty much everyone I know is afraid the world is ending. Sad, yes, but this may wake them up. Thanks, Sammich!

  2. At the end of the video when McCain said “My friends” times nine, I heard the massed voice of the Borg collective. I’m not trying to be political, it’s just the Trekkie in me showing.

  3. This overwrought repetition of talking points makes me wonder why there are still undecided voters regardless of party affiliation. I think both candidates have been very explicit on what their platforms are– do the undecided think one of the candidates with bait and switch their policies?
    Like when Obama gets inaugurated he suddenly starts maniacally laughing and proclaims the country is going to be jettisoned to the moon to form the new lunar Holy Roman Empire. Why do the undecided hesitate?
    Anyway, I’m glad voting early was an option– I am done with election ’08.

  4. Yep, BIg Ed Dunkel, you are right!

    Yep, Rasz, they are both clowns. Actually, I’ve been referring to them as “asshole clowns” for a while now (speaking illiterally).

  5. Brilliant video. I’ve long wished for a debate format that would actually force candidates to actually answer the questions asked instead of going to these canned responses. Unfortunately the debate commission only has what power is ceded to them by the candidates themselves, and it’s unlikely that they would ever agree to such conditions.

  6. I’m undecided. That is, I haven’t gotten all wound up for either guy – they both have good points, they both have bad. Of course, I know which one will be better for the US (and the world), and I have resigned myself to vote for him.
    Now, if he really -was- going to rocket us to the moon to start a new Holy Roman Empire, well that would kick serious ass.

  7. That’s a pretty sweet piece of editing.

    But really – is it a surprise, or a bad thing, that the candidates prepared for the debate? Got their arguments and rhetorical devices in shape before the show? To be honest, I think it’s to be applauded. Yes, much of the debate should be improv… but in politics as in business (incl the business called “show”), fortune favours the prepared.

  8. Dammit – ‘The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable’ …and has been for more than 24 hours – is this just a UK problem?
    I want to see it!!

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