Harold and Maude paintings

Etsy seller almostfamous is selling these delightful original paintings of Harold and Maude. They're acrylic on canvas and $370.
Harold: I like you, Maude. Maude: I like you, Harold.
Harold and Maude paintings (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. I soooo love that movie. In fact, we named 2 turkey vultures that live in the woods near our house Harold and Maude.

  2. ruth gordon is lovely.

    my sister visited me out here in san fran and i showed her the place where they filmed the war protest scene where maude falls down the hole.

  3. I think these paintings are fabulous – the facial expressions are wonderful – so much personality in both of them – even if you didn’t see the movie they are great, but even better if you did

  4. How much do I love this movie. Paintings sold but I picked up the prints! Great Royal Tennebaums prints too!

  5. After seeing these paintings, I checked out other works by the artist at etsy – pretty impressive – lots of great art

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