Video of happy man vigorously swinging baby around room

Hard to believe this is real, but it sure seems like it. Sporty Babysitter of the Year


  1. It’s so easy for a baby that young to have an arm or elbow dislocate. I worked in pediatrics for years and saw it time and time again from kids being swung around.

    PLEASE don’t do this with your children!

  2. Having a kid of my own that’s only a little older than this… the idea of swinging a baby around makes me a bit sick. It’s probably fake, although surprisingly well done if that’s the case. I hope people don’t see this and try anything remotely like it with their own little ones.

  3. Fake.

    When the baby goes over his head into the light, there’s a black halo around the hair that looks like bad masking. Also, at about a minute in, when he transitions the baby from left to right hand, the motion isn’t smooth. The editor kicked up the brightness at that spot to try and mask it. I stopped watching at that point, so I have no further points of argument.

    And speaking as a father of two, there are many points in this video where that baby’s body does not react properly. If I had taken my still-crawling baby and flung them about like that, there would have been a lot more flailing of the arms and legs, and there’s no way their head would have stayed so stable while sailing through the air. Also, a lot more screaming – either happy or I’m-gonna-be-sick – would have been heard.

  4. it is obvious from the curtains that this is a family with firm ties in the circus acrobat community…

    I was horrified watching this video but the baby smiling at the end threw me off.


  5. wow they did a good job on making that look real! but since i watch too much tv and and junk lol i can see a little bit of animation in it. but damn good job!

  6. Between all the goth-loli doll “art” and babyshaking, this place is turning into a regular 4chan for literati.

  7. Whoa!

    I’ve GOT to know:

    1- What softwares were used?

    2- How long it took to make?

    3- How will I get that song out of my head???

  8. @ zaren,

    Fake. When the baby goes over his head into the light, there’s a black halo around the hair that looks like bad masking.

    Masking? So baby is real and the swinging is real, but the background was faked???

  9. That was… really hard to watch.

    I’m voting for excellent fake, if only on the grounds that there doesn’t seem to be enough space around him for the area the baby is moving through. And because the idea of it being real is horrifying; I’m no fainting violet, but I was thinking of dislocations at the very least the whole time and it made my stomach churn.

  10. I can’t trust to the presence of video artifacts in a youTube video to let me know it’s been manipulated.

    I nevertheless really want to believe this was a manipulated video, merely for the fact that the baby was twirled while being swung, at ~ 1:31 in – Dislocated Joint City, if not his entire hand being torn from his arm.

    Young children are resilient and capable of doing a lot of surprising things. I know that circus families train their children from a very young age, and that the constant training makes their bones, muscles, heart, lungs, tendons, and joints capable of pulling off amazing feats. I also know that much of what they do is as a result of avoiding large Jerk forces – changes in acceleration.

    No baby’s going to withstand the Jerk forces associated with that twirl.

    And there are times when the baby’s limbs just don’t respond realistically.

    I’ve swung my stepson – gently, avoiding Jerk forces – and that baby’s just not reacting the way a child does when swung.

  11. Here is the script for the next thing they’re going to record.

    (Man holding baby enters.)

    Cameraman: That is your son, I believe?

    Man: Yes, this is, this is Danny.

    Cameraman: Yes, and what can he do?

    Man: He flies across the living room and lands in a bucket of water.

    Cameraman: By himself?

    Man: No, I fling him.

    Cameraman: Well that’s extremely interesting, Ladies and gentlemen – Mr Don Savage and Danny.

    (Man whirls the baby round and round. He lets go of the baby, it flies across the living room. A hollow splash and a giggle. Quick shot of a baby sitting in a bucket.)

    FX: Ivor Slaney Dramatic Cue

  12. #15 I’m more worried about “shaken baby”, but the joints are pretty bad.

    I’m hoping the scale is off and the man and the child are very small. This woudl allow for the forces to be much less.

    I’m also hoping the child is some sort of schwartzenbaby with super muscles.

  13. Anyone who’s ever had a baby realizes that the contents of an infants stomach are regurgitated with infinitely less provocation than that.

    Also, that diaper would end up in the next room.

  14. I REALLY REALLY hope that’s fake. But I don’t see anything obvious that says it is. As Bardfinn said, the fact that this is a youtube video means that there are going to be video artifacts. You can’t just say “it’s the pixels” to prove it’s fake. Everything else looks real. No obvious cuts. Physics look real. And the kid is obviously dizzy when the guy sets him down.

    I hope that when the guy eventually injures his kid, it is only bad enough to cause the guy to realize what an idiot he his, and not to permanently damage the child.

  15. Hmmm, good fake, but a fake nonetheless. Among other things: Notice neither dad nor junior is breathless at the end? Maybe not such a big deal for the dad, but I’ve swung many a child much less than this and had to catch my breath afterward, but maybe I’m just that out of shape. The baby, however, always ends up panting, even if from sheer excitment.
    Bravo to the editor, and here’s hoping for no moron copycats.

  16. “the contents of an infants stomach are regurgitated with infinitely less provocation than that”

    So I get my son from the daycare center at work and we hang out at my office. We have a great time playing with my swivel chair, me spinning him as fast as he can go without falling out. Repeat for a while. Ok, time to go and we start driving home and just as we get stuck in rush hour traffic, up comes all his afternoon snack. All over the backseat. Why I always traveled with extra kid clothes and a wipes.

    I didn’t even try to get any sympathy from my wife when we got home.

  17. As someone with two children, it’s clear this is edited, because the physics aren’t right, and a baby of that size would have all kinds of torsion that’s not shown. The motion is too perfectly across single planes.

    It’s really clever, but when the baby passes through the TV set without touching it, even though the man is within half a baby length of it, that should assuage concerns.

    (I hope.)

  18. Total fake. The baby didn’t throw up on him at any point. You can’t spend 3m41s with a relatively still baby w/o him spitting up at some point. This one would have been vomitting all over the place by the end of the ride. Hence, a fake!

  19. I am a mother of an 11 month baby (roughly the age of the baby in this video)… it made me sick watching this. This is child abuse and something should be done.


    I don’t know how many commenters have kids, but if you do you must have felt a similar horrible nausea by watching this.

    I hope the video get removed from youtube! Even it’s a fake, it is not funny or cool.

  20. Fake.

    Seems the baby’s wrist turns over several times at one point, meaning his arm would be twirled like taffy if this was real.

  21. Sweet ! I would like to have a dad like this when I was young :)

    Has a dad, I can tell you that my boy likes this kind of flying. He laugh all the time we play like this (less roughly tough).

    A note on baby. You must know that there bones, cartilages and “tendons” are soft for the first years. So this kind of activity do not harm them as it will extremely harm us adults.

    I knew a women whom here baby felt from the second floor of a building and did not even cry. No broken bones, just a small bruise on her shoulder !

    So don’t worry about this little one.
    Anyways he seems to freakin like it :)


  22. Fake. The “crawling” baby at the beginning is clearly animatronic.

    Nice work, though. Stan would be proud.

  23. I love how we are all baby-physics experts here:

    “the physics aren’t right, and a baby of that size would have all kinds of torsion that’s not shown. The motion is too perfectly across single planes.”

    This was clearly not the first time they tried this out. The baby is probably used to it. Maybe s/he threw up the first few times and flailed and twisted around, but that’s why they are training it.

    I think that this is a circus family. We wonder how performers have bodies that can react the way they do. Well, training at an early age helps.

    I would personally be terrified to try this with a baby. But I bet I would have loved it when I was young. And now I might be in the circus, which would be sweet.

  24. Actually, although I didn’t review it all the way through (Ebert wannabe), I think it’s real. The baby’s arc tightens up and slows down at the top and bottom, which I think would reduce stresses. Still, though, some of what was done looks pretty dangerous. Some swinging isn’t bad (at least when I was single…), but what this guy does is a bit extreme.

  25. It’s not funny, there’s a real problem of child swinging in this country. I, for one, am afflicted with tall-ness (I’m almost 6’5), and my nephew WON’T STOP BUGGING ME to do this sort of thing whenever I’m at my sisters. He’s 4! He’s getting heavy! This is a serious problem! Also, piggybacks: NOT FUNNY! Kiddo’s approaching 50 lbs, I’m not getting any younger!

  26. I can’t believe it lasts almost four minutes. I had to stop after 40 seconds. Did I miss anything? Does he smash the baby against the T.V.?

  27. Sorry, this is obviously REAL. Anyone working in the industry knows how to spot a fake. I’ve worked a long time in the industry and this is as real as real can get.

    Feel so sorry for the child.

  28. No comments about the best part of this video, fake or real?–the awesome foreign language cover of “Kung Fu Fightin'”.

  29. hmmm, maybe I should buy a baby instead, because when I tried this with my cat it SOOOOO didn’t work out as nicely as this.

  30. #32 Bob, you need to get your facts straight. Your reasoning that it’s safe because of their “soft bones and tendons” is exactly why it’s a bad idea. When you’re swinging around from your arms, your tendons and muscles are what is holding your bag of bones together. With softer and more flexible tendons and ligaments, babies are MUCH more prone to dislocated joints than adults are.

    Don’t believe me? Just read comment #1!

  31. This looks real to me. I have seen similar things done in person but not for so long. Also I am a father of 3 and have done many of those movements with my own children (but not so long and not the one armed swings). The joint dislocation is the only real danger. For those of you who think the baby would throw up or cry, not true for most babies. They do like it. Also, the baby would be quite used to his father playing with him this way.

  32. I’m getting a distinctly eastern european acrobat/circus performer vibe from the whole thing. I don’t think it’s fake….disturbing if it’s real.

  33. Look, babies are not as fragile as you make them out to be. My nephew absolutely loves for me to swing him around like this (admittedly, less vigorously than in the video – and I’m too chicken to swing him around by only one arm, its two arms, two legs, or arm + leg). He just giggles and giggles, when I put him down he just throws his arms up at me and says, “do it again, do it again”. He makes it obvious when he’s done or doesn’t want to be swung around anymore, but usually my arms tire out first.

  34. When my dad was a kid he dislocated my aunts shoulder when she was a baby. She forgave him. My grandparents never did.

  35. Hmmmm, yeah that’s CGI. There are plenty of clues, the most noticeable being the too-flat lighting, and the slightly-off physics. (I won’t get into the shadows) The behavior of the CG baby is on the unbelievable side too.

    Nicely done though. I would say that this is better than 90% of television CG, and better than a lot of films as well. I assume that whoever is doing this as a resume piece, and it should be very effective for that role. The responses here are proof of that.

    Ironically, the youtube compression artifacts make this a much easier sell. Many sins are hidden by pixilation.

    I would be willing to lay money down that in reality he was swinging a small weighted sack, painted with chroma-key green. Very subtle. Bravo.

  36. LOL, no im not in the baby juggling industry…but maybe i should look into it.

    I worked a number of years in 3d animation and this video is real. Sorry, hate to break it to all you folks who wish it were fake to so to limit its disturbing impact.

    @MKULTRA Lighting is ok in the video. Physics are…well, physics because the video is real. There’s no mocap or any other 3d at all.

  37. There seems to be a lot of points where it looks really fake. Check out 01:29. The baby looks like Bat Boy in that frame.

    But still awesome fun to watch!

  38. This is obviously fake.

    There is no way in hell that a person could hold onto a flying baby like that. They obviously ‘green screened’ the guy in to make it look like he was swinging the baby.

    Goddamn flying babies…

  39. i would like to see the man eat the baby…. and the ten dollars it costs to subscribe would be worth it to see.

  40. This looks legit to me. It is probably more “normal” in this individuals culture to fling babies around like that. Also, I have heard that babies have relatively sturdy bodies, that could take a flinging or two. If this is fake, then that is some amazing CG, not to mention acting- I’m talking millions of dollars worth of work…

    Must be real IMO. Really just down to different cultures…

  41. This is how we get people that like to jump out of planes, bungee jump, climb mountains, etc. I always wondered where that came from.

  42. Fake Real Fake Real… It’s a UFO !!!

    Men can you just enjoy the watch without rationalizing everything ?


  43. Our 14 month old son’s only trip to the ER came when I swung him up onto the bed by his arms. Luckily for me, it’s extremely common, and easily fixable. It’s even got its own name-‘nannie’s elbow.’ That said, I don’t swing him around like that any more.

    I’m laughing right now because I just sent this link to my wife, and i’m imaging the look of horror on her face. I hope she thinks its real!

  44. Yeah I don’t see how somebody could have faked this this well enough without it taking enough time/resources to make it not worth it.

    I know my 5 month old loves being thrown in the air, sometimes its the only way to calm him down. He’ll go from crying to giggling and cackling in a heartbeat once he gets airborn. I wouldn’t try doing any of the stuff from the video where he holds the baby by only one arm, but the rest of it looks unharmful and like a baby would really love it.

    Mine’s colicky as hell though so I envy this parent their kid’s strong stomach.

  45. So if this is real, can someone explain why several times the baby is swung below the level of the man’s feet (especially from 1:15 to 1:40. Pause at 1:39 for the biggest discrepancy)? The baby’s feet and legs should be whipped against the floor repeatedly. Conveniently, the man’s feet are not within the shot at that moment; but if you make a point of reference, you will see the baby’s extended legs swing below floor level.

  46. This is really fucked up. Even if it is fake, some idiot will think it is real and they will try to do that with their baby.

    Like my old roommate did. I saw him doing something like this and I was like, “WTF you sick fucking fuck! Get away from that baby!” A week later, the baby was dead. Serious, not cool.

  47. watch the video and ignore the baby. Are the man’s movements, grip adjustments, shifts in balance, eye-line (what is he looking at) and body language in general consonant with what appears to be happening? Even the most seasoned professional actors have difficulty with credible green-screen work.

  48. mark, you should trade in your pen for a badge and become a cop. i hear the fun police are hiring. lot of other people in this thread would make excellent fun cops as well.

    i wish i was little again so that someone could pick me up and swing me around like that.

  49. Ok…I’m a professional animator; Admittedly, i do not work in film or television, but i’m quite savvy to the technology.

    My first impression of the video is that it is not fake… there’s just so many small elements that could be very real.

    My second impression was to look closely at it and check some parts out frame by frame that could be questionable…and there a few that look like it could be a very convincing fake.

    My last thoughts on this are….it’s really quite lengthy, would be a pain in the arse to do, isn’t very interesting or creative, and simply isn’t worth the effort to fake.

    it could go either way. but in the end i’d much rather watch a pixar flic =P

  50. WTF commenter!

    This is awesome! That baby is effing HAPPY.

    That dad is AWESOME at that.

    They are bonding.

    Babies are no more precious than anything else the only thing is that they cannot give consent for stuff, but I would assume that since there wasn’t any crying that the baby has done it before and LOVES IT and shouldn’t be harassed by nauseous commenters that would sooner call CPS on another parent than take the time out of their day and really bond a new path with the kid they have.


  51. That is 100% real. They’re Eastern European or Russian circus folk rehearsing in a hotel room. That guy knows exactly what he’s doing and the baby is totally used to being tossed around like that. If you or I did that to a baby, we’d rip its arm right out of the socket, but that guy is accelerating the baby using carefully controlled momentum, not by jerking it around.

  52. With all the expression of superior and absolute knowledge here, I’m quite surprised by the lack of a Godwin event in this comment thread.

    And frankly, from the love-to-watch-a-trainwreck dept. of my brain, I’m also a little disappointed.

  53. sorry people, NOT fake. the man is a gymnast, he does this with his baby all the time, since birth, although not as vigorous. he wanted to show his family how well the baby handles it, and can go upright when he swings up by the legs.
    It’s funny to see the people saying FAKE FAKE and explaining all the reasons why it’s fake, like “masking” or something. sorry, its real, and the baby is fine, and his sister is fine and she had it done to her too when she was young.

  54. @#84 … as long as he’s a pro I don’t really see a problem. Someone trying this who didn’t know what they were doing could really hurt their kid by dislocating something.

  55. It’s funny to see the people saying FAKE FAKE and explaining all the reasons why it’s fake, like “masking” or something. sorry, its real, and the baby is fine, and his sister is fine and she had it done to her too when she was young.

    Sorry, it just looked faked to me, what can I say. I’m very skeptical and just don’t tend to believe every video I see without hearing a first hand account that it is real. You seem to be that proof and that is great.

    Very glad to hear that the kid is fine. But now that we know this is real, I really, really hope no one tries to pull that stunt themselves.

  56. growing up in a`circus family means doing things that your audience only dreams about. It also means arduous training, many injuries and no social safety net if you are crippled. Where do you suppose retired acrobats end up?

  57. It looks like an acrobat family. The guy has the muscles and build and looks vaguely eastern european. He’s training the kid for the family business.
    Honestly it doesnt look that it’s that harmful to the kid. Didn’t your parents/older siblings ever spin you around by your arms and legs?

  58. it is at the extreme edge of the envelope of human durability. There is no consent from a child. Some are born to a sidewalk in Calcutta, others, better.

  59. Not fake, not CGI (not even remotely), realistic motion and I can believe the baby had fun. But very dangerous. Could be a circus oriented family, maybe but not need be. It made me very uncomfortable to watch but I believe it’s real.

    Too many Americans are raised in a paranoid safety bubble and think there is a pedo around every corner and handling raw meat will make you sick and die. Those are the bars of your cage.

  60. Those of you who think this is fake have obviously never been to the Cirque du Soleil. There are performers in that troupe barely past walking age that do things you or I could only dream of, and this is how they get started. Standard practice for gymnast families, and if done professionally, safe. Watch the father’s technique again… smooth motion avoids the “jerk” stresses, and regular practice builds up the youngster’s tolerance of static motion forces. That kid is going to have an adventuresome life – I’m envious!

  61. @95
    The bars of someone’s cage are made of raw meat?
    Won’t they get food poisoning and die?
    That cage better have some anti-bacterial handsoap in it, or I’m going to report a human rights violation.

  62. @ Scissorfighter

    Actually, I saw Corteo just a month ago ;)

    I was under the impression that there were child labour laws that prevented children to train professionally (whether for a circus or the olympics) before a certain age. I’m pretty sure that varies wildly from country to country. Anyone has more info on this?

    Not trying to argue anything, I’m just curious.

  63. Two weeks from now this video will be on CNN and Fox and MSNBC. Less than a week later this idiot will be in custody on child endangerment charges.

  64. Not fake, unless someone was prepared to spend serious money. I work in film vfx. Not fake. My professional opinion.

    I was prepared to say for a while that, in this age of over protection of kids, this kind of play is a good thing. But actually, having watched the whole video – No. This is just selfish, irresponsible parenting. Way too much. The part where he has the kid by the feet, swinging him/her round at high speed. If the parent had stumbled, or misjudged, that kid’s skull would have been crushed. Major brain injury. Suddenly, no longer funny or cool.

    Grow up, Dad. This is into abuse territory, for sure.

  65. It’s definitely, unfortunately real. It’s the norm for acrobats and circus performers to train their kids very young – especially in Easter Europe and Russia.

  66. The music playing in the background is ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Carl Douglas. It is in Russian. Here is a video clip of the song, by the band ‘Mumiy Troll’, created apparently for the newly craptastic film, ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

  67. Ha! I feel free to comment on this now as my children are grown (and survived! strong and daring!)
    This bloke is out on the edge(quite likely ~is~ cicus trained/training), further than I or my kids’ father ever went, what with the one-armed twirly stuff and all. But babies absolutely ~love~ being chucked around, and if they escape dislocation, it has to be good for their sense of balance.
    In my family, a slightly more moderate form of this behaviour is just how it’s done, and the only baby breakage I know of is my great-aunt – whose arm was broken as a baby whilst dressing her in a stiffly matted jumper.

  68. Why do people love to pop up and declare that everything interesting/controversial/bizarre on the internet is fake? Self proclaimed experts in nothing much.

    The same bozos who think the moon landings were faked, probably.

    If this video was faked, then either there’s a visual effects genius out there with far too much time on her/his hands, and who really needs a job. Or someone was prepared to spend a very large amount of money at a vfx company on a secret project, to get a few web laughs.

    Neither seems likely.

    It’s real, sadly.

  69. I’m guessing that the experts that looked at the video on the morning show I just saw this on are
    ACTUAL experts at video analysis…and they said
    it gives EVERY appearance of being REAL!

    Someone needs to find this guy and do the same
    thing to him that he was doing to that baby. It
    is NEVER ok to swing a baby like that…even if
    that baby isn’t obviously injured, it CAN cause
    problems that won’t be apparent. And gee…what if he lost his grip and flung the baby into a
    wall????? Accidental death or Manslaughter?

  70. Obviously fake.  I mean, I can’t even see a baby in that video, just an empty black box with some white squiggles at the top.

  71. Totally real, totally safe. The guy wasn’t just tossing a baby around, he knew what he was doing. Even if he’s not circus folk, he knew what the body could take.

    The outraged reactions of the commenters is very sad. Very “FUN POLICE.” Y’know, babies aren’t half as fragile as most people have been conditioned to think they are, and this guy obviously knows what he’s doing. I’m not saying you should go out and toss your own baby around, but you have no right to judge this guy for it. Child abuse? Really? The hyperbole from the fearmongers is staggering.

  72. I looked in Snopes — nothing but comments, like those here. Somebody submit it! But it looks real to me. The music sounds like eastern European pop.

  73. I didn’t find that offensive in any way. It looked fun, and the baby agreed. The baby-boy has his personal roller coaster/spinner/whatever-theme-park-device. The man obviously knew what he was doing. Maybe his dad did that to him too?

    The forces exerted look quite minimal, because the man carefully follows the inertia and gravity with his movements. It would be a totally different case if he’d just violently swung the baby around.

  74. Well, since this is recognized as a real occurence, I gotta say the most enlightening thing I got out of this whole exchange is that swinging an young infant by his limbs in wide circles above one’s head is, unanimously, a very beneficial and fun thing to do.

    I know now that I’ll need to work on my tolerance, because if anyone would grab my 11 month-old and do this to him, my reflex would be to punch their lights out. But I’ve been told I’m a barbarian, at times.

  75. My thanks to all twelve people — Takuan, Ordulph, Ivan Aviña, Mark Willens, Geekpdx, Blackavar, Jane, Nathan, Dominic, Mark Gordon, Xiuv, and Anonymous — who sent me notes about the flagrantly offensive comment I’ve just removed from this thread. My apologies for letting it stand as long as it did.

    Did anyone else get the impression that those were all the bad words he knows?

  76. I didn’t get to see the video before it became unavailable, but I hunted down some descriptions. It sounds like stuff I remember being done with babies in my family. None of us came out of it with dislocated joints, and the lowest measured IQ among me and my four siblings was 140.

    Fast motion isn’t a problem as long as it’s smooth motion. What you want to avoid are fast stops and starts and similar jolts, which are hard on the axons.

  77. Regarding the TV: It looks just how a TV looks when it’s being filmed on a progressive-scan camcorder, the kind that encodes to MPEG-4. Try filming LED displays; they flicker like mad.

    Not fake.

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