BBtv: Hunting for the Kappa Monster in Tokyo, part 2


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  1. twobeeshawn says:

    Oh dear, my daughter just started attending a Japanese immersion elementary school and the Kappa is their mascot! I can never tell her about this, she’ll never use the bathroom there again!

  2. OM says:

    …You know, they’d have an easier time going in search of the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka.

  3. Darren Garrison says:

    There was a recent (animated) movie in Japan about a
    Kappa titled “Kappa no Coo Natsuyasumi” (“Summer Days With Coo” in English.

    Youtube trailer:

    Google searches:

    Even features the severed Kappa hand shown in the Boingboing story. I haven’t been able to find any mention of it coming out on DVD in region 1 with English subs or dubs any time, though.

    Don’t know if I’ll be allowed to mention that there is a torrent for it (with English subs) at The Bay of Pirates (moderator: if I can’t mention it, please just edit this part out and leave the first part):

  4. Bartholomew says:

    I’ve a got a kappa pic here, from a fertility shrine in the south of Tokyo.

    Sandy from Monkey was one, too.

  5. ZippySpincycle says:

    I have no doubt that the kappa lost its hand because some moron was swinging it around for a YouTube video.

  6. indigofan says:

    i just realised that i’ve got a picture of a cute kappa monster shrine in jozankei, hokkaido.

    the creature in front is my wife, not a kappa.

    you use the ladle to pour onsen water into the kappa’s heads, and it pours out of their mouth… we washed our hands with the water coming out of the mouth. not sure if that was the correct procedure, but we didn’t get attacked.

  7. makeinu says:

    There is a sake mill in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, that has the most prolific collection of kappa goods I’ve ever seen, including an allegedly authentic kappa mummy! It is (or was) famous throughout Japan, famous enough to have it’s kappa mummy made into a collectible toy for a series of Japanese monsters. I have some pictures from a tour my wife and I took there, but I haven’t gotten them online yet, sadly.

  8. Kieran O'Neill says:

    Oh squee! It’s the self-same shrine as CaseyD visited.

  9. Mackenzie says:

    Actually, the kappa lost it’s hand because he was walking down the street eating angel hair lo mein with drum sticks.

  10. Takuan says:


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