If you care about democracy, you'll print out this sticker and hand out at polling sites.

Here's an election sticker for ya, by Ian Wolterstorff, via John Walsh and los del Bush League. Here's a related video for ya.


  1. I’m a go out on a limb and say that this sticker is accurate. Voting has the same effect as farting: very little to nothing. This democracy we have is a farce.

  2. I totally thought of this idea this morning… good to know there’s like-minded people in the world. :)

  3. I was thinking this same thing earlier, it’s sad how people seem to feel the need to announce that they voted when it’s something that they should do anyways.

  4. #2 – The reason voting tends to be about as effective as farting is because not enough people are doing it. Too many people are content to leave such matters to the religious right, the gun bunnies, and the dittoheads. It’s called complacency, and it is the enemy of democracy.

  5. “Petty and Juvenile trivialization of our electoral process! Way to go!”

    Everything must be taken completely seriously at all times, and this joke will stop people from actually voting, obviously!

    1. Petty and Juvenile trivialization of our electoral process! Way to go!

      I thought it was a compliment.

  6. #2 – You may think this democracy is a farce, but the stench is very real.

    #11 – What if all those groups you mentioned are the majority? You prepared for that little slap of reality?

  7. #11: So people who disagree with you, or let people you disagree with win are enemies of democracy? Are you implying that democracy is broken if it doesn’t produce a result you approve of? For most people, not voting is just as much of a choice as explicitly picking one of the options. Those who don’t care leaving the decision to those who do is a feature of democracy. Not a problem.

    The problem with our democracy is how it is determined who is allowed to participate. Not that people choose not to.

  8. What is now #12 used to be #11. #10 got shoehorned in there some how… End result: Myself and ETHANCOOP are now referencing the wrong comment.

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  10. God damnit! That’s brilliant!!! Why didn’t I think of that first????
    Hall Monitor, Highland Park Elementary

  11. #22 posted by FoetusNail , November 4, 2008 1:08 PM

    >>”Change is in the air.”

    Hence the phrase “I Farted.”

  12. Petty and Juvenile trivialization of our electoral process! Way to go!

    Yes! Because there’s nothing petty or juvenile about a free sticker (that has just the right adhesive to stay on fabric for all of ten minutes, or until you brush against something).

  13. @#20 – I read it as a compliment at first, too. In last months election up here in Canada, a record number of of us pretty much stayed home and did just as the sticker pronounces (not me, although my trip to the ballot box didn’t help much unfortunately). Some may find it juvenile and not funny…while others may see it as inspired, on some level, by the Situationist International.

  14. ~27 Vash Aurion: Just not funny… Not even in an ironic way.

    Perhaps not, but YOUR COMMENT is!!! lolz

  15. It’s not a criticism of the electoral process, merely a jab at the inane emphasis on the poll workers handing out those “I voted” stickers and the people that wear those superfluous badges for the rest of the day.
    Elections are not trivial, just the inflated fanfare purported afterward. Think of this “I Farted” sticker in kind as Kurt Vonnegut wrote Kilgore Trout’s cynical & automatic responses to small talk.

  16. I’ll start taking voting seriously when the people being elected started treating their governance seriously.

    Well, serious in other ways than lining their pockets.

  17. Believe me, I understand cynicism about national contests.

    But you can have an impact – at times (when less people vote) a big impact on local issues. Sometimes a dozen or two people can swing around a Queen Mary-sized proposition. And other people’s random votes tend to cancel out.

  18. It must be in the air. A coworker of mine also had an “I farted” video idea, which he made today. Check it out:

  19. “Pat Paulsen… I thought he was dead…?”

    …Sadly he is. But it’s an important observation about this election when both candidates are so banal that a deceased comedian who peaked four decades ago is a far better choice for President.

  20. Well! Didn’t think it possible to make a concession speech racist, but he did it.

    Congratulations America and Barrack, best of luck!

  21. concession speech racist? are you nuts? how was any of that racist?

    Seemed to me that he handled it with class.

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