Baby pygmy hippo

Kirsten Anderson says that this baby pygmy hippopotamus is "ridiculously cute." I agree. Named Monifa, it lives at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. (via Cute Overload)


  1. #8 – you beat me to it…

    surprisingly cute for soemthing that would kill you as soon as look at you when it grows up.

  2. @Antinous – Did I see what u did there? and what cuteoverload did there too?

    Could you (and cute overload) possibly be pointing out that Boing Boing has echoed stories from Cute Overload twice this week? (and days after they ran there I might add) Not that I have anything against cute things… I just like some variety in my blogs.

  3. I think Antinous’ point was that the bunny picture has “Boing Boing” in it, and that this blog….is called Boing Boing. I believe his infringement comment was tongue in cheek.

    Antinous, correct me if I am off base :)

    I want a baby pygmy hippo of my very own!

  4. Daemon, the adults are a bit smaller than an adult domestic hog. But it is big enough to put a hurt on you in close quarters, if it’s mad. However, unlike a river hippo, it probably not bit you in two.

    The normal sized hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

  5. Though, I will admit my mistake of thinking that that boinging bunny was on cuteoverload, rather than canhascheezburger. I can’t handle all of these blogs blogging each other.

  6. That’s why these animals never survive, there’s all these Professional Animal People who just can’t stop petting it. “Oh here Snookums, have some milk.” “No, Janey! She wants WATER!” “MILK” “WATER” and then the tug of war, and then…well, you know. This is why they’re rare. All the rare cute animals get cuddled to death. It’s their fate, their destiny.

    I gotta get me one, though. How much you think shipping is to California?

  7. Is that a herd of film cameras or electric typewriters in the background? I like how you can tell when they get excited. It’s a new ecology.

  8. You’ve obviously never seen a hippo mark its territory.

    It is the total opposite end of the spectrum from cute.

  9. ok ok, we need to find a spider monkey to ride Monifa, then team them up with Maru – that is one unstoppable superhero outfit and no mistake.

    for as we all know, criminals are powerless against cute.

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