Newspaper headlines of Obama election win, Nov. 5 2008

Obama Grabs Headlines - November 5, 2008


  1. Heehee. Q’hubo makes me laugh. I don’t think there is a reference to Obama. They talk about a hitman restaurant in the village though.

  2. It’s really pathetic most of those foreign papers had almost zero mention of the election. They are so ignorant of foreign issues. I think their President whats-his-face should give the media a tuning up.

  3. #1: I don’t think you have the translation quite right. The headline states that a group of people got hit in a restaurant in town. There’s still zero mention of Obama, though.

  4. Didn’t seem to be an important story for Stars and Stripes, the U.S. military’s newspaper. Two editions, no mention of having a new president.

  5. One of my friends was tireless in her promotion of Obama since the very beginning. I know how much time and energy she put into it, so I thought I’d make her a poster of these.

    A quick grep through the source, some time letting wget chug through them, and then using jwz’s picturetile work on them, and I’ll have a 6000×9000 jpg fit for printing.

    I would post some examples, but they’re huge and it would crush my bandwidth.

  6. @ #9: I didn’t look at all of them, but many of them are the front pages just before his election, as the US lags behind the rest of the world. It’s not a good representation.

    The Australian front pages the day after the ones he displayed (November 6, rather than November 5), at least, were all OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA.

  7. You know, the real beauty is that one of the papers owned by my newspaper company didn’t even have the news in Wednesday’s edition. I asked the publisher why he said, “Our readers aren’t interested.”

  8. @17 – What pic of Obama?

    *looks again for another 12 minutes*

    Nope, still don’t see him.

    Oh, wait… There he is, a bit left of where I was looking. My bad. Nice cover.

  9. Hello, I did a video the other day featuring over 700 covers from worlwide newspapers of the day after the elections and put it on youtube:

  10. I don’t see the Daily Mirror front page in there. Does anyone have it? I forgot to check their website on the next morning.

    Remember their front page from Bush’s reelection?

    The letters of outrage to the editor were such fun reading in the week that followed that front page…

  11. @22 i suggest you get the adblock and add-art extensions for firefox. then no more ads and a prettier internet!

  12. simply taking all the front covers from 5 Nov doesn’t work. for those of us just west of the Date Line, the election wasn’t decided til the afternoon of that day.

  13. Reminds me of the Darkest Page in American History, a poster by the National Press Club in Washington DC, which collected frontpages from around the world 12th september 2001. It can be seen (and purchased) here:

    There’s another mood in the Obama frontpages, of course.

  14. I’m just curious, but does the winner of the American presidential election always make headline news in other countries? I know that this certain election was newsworthy and important, but is is always this newsworthy abroad?

  15. Here’s two newspaper headline posters like this collage — one is a poster of all 50 States, the other is 56 International newspapers announcing Obama is 44 our next president:

    I found it really interesting that Russia seemed to be the only country that didn’t run a picture – I looked for hours and never found a Russian paper with a photo. My favorite headline was Indonesia!

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