BBtv: Gnarls Barkley animated music video from Walter Robot


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  1. troc says:

    ‘prsntd by wndws’ t whch pnt dd nt bthr ?

    Wy t bm-t yr dnc, wht n ffrnt.

    MS s xct pst f wndrfl thng.

    Whn wll dblck pls d dp nspctn f flvs ?

  2. mdh says:


    I got annoyed about an ad interrupting an episode once, but you can’t tell them how to fund their operation – since you are not.

    As the hosts are wont to say, enjoy the free ice cream – it comes with a money back guarantee.

  3. Davin says:

    This is a pretty radical sound change for them. St. Elsewhere is one of my favorite albums ever, this new single is pretty great.

    Also, grow up Troc. In the real world things need to get paid for somehow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome that GB’s single is effectively licensed as CC-BY-NC!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Great song and creative video! Gnarls Barkley have the most interesting videos!

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