Your Bloody Dinner

Dexter chair.jpg

A dinner party set for a serial killer, designed by Amy Lau, for Showtime's design house, this being the "Dexter" dining room, natch. Here, $2500 blood spatter embroidered chairs, gore coated plates, fingerprinted glassware. Also: video. Wherefore art thou, Patrick Bateman? (Via Coolhunting.)


  1. That chair looks a bit…menstrual to me. The stain is just on the wrong part of the chair. Actually selling pre-stained chairs might be a nice way to avoid embarrassment should you actually bleed through while entertaining company.

  2. I recently watched American Psycho for the first time, yes, after the children had gone to bed, and I found the overall aesthetic breathtaking. All that clean crisp white on white. Visually stunning. But the plot? Not even a post-feminist could defend that.

  3. Wolfiesma: Read the book instead and it may come clearer. It’s a parody (to me).

    Also: read up on Mary Harron, you might find that she knows exactly what she’s doing and that you don’t get it. I’m not trying to be combative, just terse. ;)

  4. “Wherefore art thou, Patrick Bateman?”

    This is one of my language pet peeves. The counterpart to “wherefore” is “therefore”.

    Wherefore: for what reason or purpose? Why?
    Therefore: for this reason. Because.

    The famous “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” line is not asking where Romeo is, it’s asking why he has to have the name he does (specifically his last name, which makes him an enemy of Juliet’s family).

  5. #10, EH:

    Read the book instead and it may come clearer.

    Though there is the possibility that it won’t… it has been widely misunderstood.

    Bret Easton Ellis himself said:

    It’s not really about Patrick Bateman [the narrator] killing anybody [It’s] basically almost a feminist tract.

    Oh, and I’m another for whom the incorrect ‘wherefore’ is a pet peeve.

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