Kitchenware made from Lego


Lenore and Windell of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories make cool-looking kitchenware items out of Lego. Kitchenware made from Lego


  1. I did this when I was younger. Most everything worked out except for the juice glass I made. I tried triple re-enforcing the walls of it and it worked in not leaking, but the bottom fell out as I tried to drink from it. It was an orangy mess, but at least I was smart enough to do it on the porch!

  2. getting there, getting there. The edible lego earlier inspires me to ask: when will there be living tissue neural net logo?

  3. The early Lego Idea Books had lots of awesomely 70’s designs for how to make stuff like this, or picture frames and other small household decorations out of Lego.

  4. Sooner than you think Takuan (#4):

    From BBC News:
    The Danish toy maker Lego has lost a court battle to protect its iconic plastic bricks.

    The EU’s Court of First Instance on Wednesday upheld a 2004 EU decision to cancel the brick’s trademark status.

    The trademark was registered in the EU in 1999, but rival Canadian toy firm Mega Brands – which makes Mega Bloks – successfully challenged it.

  5. This is exactly what I used to do as a kid! My masterpiece was a Lego Fondue Set, minus the forks, the pot, and the sterno. Unfortunately it met a grisly, melty end after too many uses.

    Still, memories!

  6. I really dig the Lego bookends on the original article, I wonder how much of my time that would consume to build that.

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