Ted Stevens, walking the Bridge to Nowhere

Convicted felon Ted Stevens (R, Alaska) may lose his Senate Seat after all. As vote tallies trickle in, his opponent, Democrat Mark Begich is in the lead.

Mark Begich (D) - 132,196
Ted Stevens (R) - 131,382

Markos "Daily Kos" Moulitsas, who's been following the numbers closely, claims that the remaining ballots come from Democratic-leaning districts. Nate "538" Silver has more. If Begich even builds a 0.51 percent lead over Stevens (he's at a 0.29 percent lead now), he escapes a recount and takes over the seat. This would, among other things, close Sarah Palin's escape hatch out of Alaskan politics. It would also lock down 58 Democratic Senate seats (counting Joe Lieberman), with the Minnesota Senate race looking better for them every day. (Democrat Al Franken has gained hundreds of votes as the state recounts ballots, and the Republicans have shown their panic with lawsuits and op-eds trying to cast doubt on the count.)
Reason: Ted Stevens, Walking the Bridge to Nowhere