Sweet Snow-made Declaration

While on the trail to the falls in Johnston Canyon, which is a wonderful walk off a road that runs between Banff and Lake Louise, we came across this beautiful snow-made creation that declares a couple's love for each other. The snow-made man and woman were starting to melt but here's good wishes to their anonymous creators.



  1. There is a side of me that is newly inspired by this to grab a flame thower… I don’t know whats wrong with me… Oh, wait!, yes I do! Anyways, indeed, best wishes and all of that.

  2. they had already begun to melt…just like their love and soon it will be completely gone. Yeap, sounds like a real marriage to me.

  3. As another someone with feelings and heart this is really touching, maybe more so because my sweety and I walked here in winter last, now she teaches Japanese in China and I skype her from Canada, so happiness is not given but made or taken from the great pool of happiness

  4. I’m amused by the “Wow” as though the designer is in disbelief that they’re actually going to give this mawwige thingy a try. Good luck with that.

  5. Awwww. That’s just sweet.

    (just to echo Ari B. in #3)

    -abs is a very happily married man, and wishes them only the best, although they’re bound to find out on their own that marriage takes work and effort I hope they also discover that a long-term relationship carries wonderful benefits

  6. Are we sure this isn’t someone engaged to World of Warcraft? I mean, the girl does have green hair.

    I kid. This find blows me away in a happy mutant way.

  7. Unfortunately when I saw that image, I just got bitter and angry. In Los Angeles we have neither snow nor marriage. I know it must be hard to sympathize with my frustration, so I’ve prepared the following:

    “Snow-marriage is between one snowman and one snow-woman.”

    Opponents of the measure point at the deceptive advertising campaign run by Snow-Schubert and funded primarily by Snow-Mormons. The television spots called for people to, “Defend snow-marriage.” Appeals were also made for snow-children, though the snow-state head of snow-school claimed the accusations were false. “Keep the snow-children safe from same-snow-marriage being taught in snow-school,” pleaded a concerned parent. Parson Brown also spoke out in one ad, “Snow-churches will lose their tax-exempt status if you vote against this.”

    Frosty, an opponent of the measure, was especially hurt by Parson Brown’s allegations, calling them, “unfounded” and “ridiculous.” Frosty’s marriage to his partner of twenty-five years is one of the 18,000 same-snow-marriages in legal limbo. “It hurt me so deeply,” Frosty said. “That people would say my snow-love isn’t as valid as any other snow-marriage. Jack and I just want the same rights as any other snow-married couple.”

    Rudolph, who voted for the amendment, had this to say, “The way I see it, well, two snowmen together just isn’t natural. It’s not how it’s done. I’m not anti-gay, I just don’t want same-snow-marriage.”

  8. Nobody consider the implications of a symbol of marital bliss represented in snow — a necessarily fragile and passing media.

    Hey, most marriages last at /least/ a few seasons!

  9. Don’t be upset CGI Joe.

    Move to Boston.

    Here in Massachusetts we have BOTH snow and marriage equality for everyone!

    -abs is terribly happy to live in an enlightened state on the topic of marriage equality, but doesn’t think bitterness over the topic should overshadow the joy that two people somewhere obviously felt strongly enough to commemorate it in the temporary medium of snow-sculpture

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