Good example of pareidolia


Forgetomori came across this neat example of pareidolia.

Have you seen Jesus today? The photo above may be a good chance. Sent by Jessica Lundgren from Sweden to, you can see the clear profile of a giant bearded man with closed eyes. It does resemble common representations of a fellow named Jesus. Even though that enormous Jesus head doesn’t quite fit into the rest of the image. What’s going on there? Jessica writes that “the child died short after the photo was taken”.
The link also has another photo that is either pareidolia or a hoax. Good example of pareidolia


  1. Is it just me or are accounts like this portraying Jesus as shockingly caucasian? It looks like he used Treseme volumizing conditioner.

  2. Wow, it took at least five seconds of concentration before I could see the baby in that first photo. And that was wile knowing what to look for.

    As for the second one, perhaps a double exposure? Yet I can clearly see a flare of refracted light between the girl’s head and the edge of the door, indicating that those two elements do belong in the same shot.

    What sayeth the Boingdom?

  3. God is in the proverbial “eye of the beholder”. And it is not Treseme, Jesus go to a trendy NYC salon.

    Yes, I am going to hell for that one. w00t!

  4. Funny I first saw the baby, then after reading saw “the hippie” and after that it was hard to see the baby again.

  5. At first I thought that print was on a Manila envelope…you know…the kind that a Macbook Air comes in…so maybe that’s a bearded/permed Steve Jobs.

    I apologize for that train of thought.


  6. oooooohhhhh, it’s a baby on his lap, that’s crazy. I was like what baby are you guys talking about. Good stuff, good stuff.

  7. It does look surprisingly like hippie-jesus. I’m still surprised at the number of christians who actually think that’s what the guy looked like. At the very least he’d almost certainly have short hair, and probably be clean-shaven.

  8. Wow, I didn’t even see the kid until I visited the other site. I think it’s a fake – I spotted some areas that look like they were retouched, some repeating patterns in the plants, etc.

  9. Based on my understanding of family photography of the time, it is also possible that “the child died short BEFORE the photo was taken”.

  10. “#9 posted by Daemon – At the very least he’d almost certainly have short hair, and probably be clean-shaven.”

    [citation needed]

  11. Of course the child died short. Based on the adult heights in the picture, the child is definitely shorter than… ooooohhhh, you mean SHORTLY. My mistake.

  12. I can’t see the baby. I tried. I really did.

    The baby is in the father’s lap, facing the camera, and wearing a white gown and sun bonnet.

    The baby’s face, shadowed under the brim of the bonnet, is what appears to be the eye of Jesus/Ian Anderson.

  13. For every person

    who thinks they just saw


    in their sandwich,

    I say, look again,


    Osama Bin Laden.

  14. Pareidolia: what you call it when people see patterns and pictures that correspond to someone else’s religion.

  15. I had to close my eyes, open them again and re-focus to see the girl in the middle.

    That does look like Rasputin.

  16. Why would Jesus be clean shaven? He was Jewish. There are parts of your beard you aren’t supposed to shave, so a lot of Jews through the ages would grow large beards just in case.

  17. I love these things!

    I found an anvil, a desk bell, a schooner, a boar, a stag beetle, and a polar bear cub.

    What else have you all found?

  18. That’s one hard kid to see.

    As for face recognition, it’s so hardwired in that even newborns will stare longer at a pattern with a few lines arranged like eyes and mouth than at one with a random arrangement. Monkeys have been found to have neurons that specifically recognize the shapes of monkey heads in various orientations. (While I have no direct citations, these are both things tought to me in my college classes; I majored in Cognitive Science.)

  19. @23

    [@ #22

    Turkish, huh? Interesting… “So, Tommy, have you ever been to a Turkish bath house?”]

    “Captain Oveur: Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?”

    Sorry, pedantic but true. If you’re going to take the time, why not get it right?

  20. Dammit, after I found Jesus, I wasn’t able to look at the picture in the normal light again. I hate when this happens.

  21. This is total fakery.. but kind of good. The delineation of the hat at the top is oversmooth, indicating sprayed in or smoothed pixels. Same with the child’s mouth region, those pixels looks like typical photoshop spray distribution. Someone -kind of saw- a bearded man in the photo and decided to touch it up a bit to make it really stand out. Still, pretty neat.

    I would actually like to see the original. If you zoom in close and then zoom away and rezoom other locations, you can see that the ‘smoothness’ of several features around the child are too perfect.

    To hide the smoothing a filter has been applied to the compression that mimics smoothing of pixels. Old photographs are grainy and look like pointillist paintings when you zoom, not all smoothed out like this.

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