James Boyle's "The Public Domain" -- a brilliant copyfighter's latest book, from a law prof who writes like a comedian


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  1. Ugly Canuck says:

    The extension of copyright/patent beyond reasonable limits is a tyranny of the Legislature over the human mind itself, by seeking to control the products thereof. (More banally: let’s “ring-fence” anything, which in any way, may make money, if we can describe it in the twisted language of Patent or otherwise claim “originality”…)
    Big business and the US Congress are attempting to make thoughtcrime a reality.
    I guess voluntary censorship ain’t enough.

  2. Ugly Canuck says:

    hey this is far ot but still…I see just now via BBC that there has been another mass whale beaching, last week NZ this weel Oz.
    The US Supreme Court gave the US Navy a narrow decision allowing it to test sonar over environmental objections about two weeks ago IIRC.
    Sorry I had to post about these beachings, coming so close after the USSC’s thumbs up to the Navy tests. I am suspicious…

  3. Kay the Complainer says:

    Sojourner Strange, you can also read it online in HTML – there’s a link on the page.

    I’m on Chapter 7. It’s engrossing, and very well written. Thanks for posting this, Cory. Oh, and I second #5′s motion. ;)

  4. sojourner strange says:

    I hate PDFs. They take too bloody long to load, and every time I scroll down it had to reload and it takes like a whole minute for it to finish – so if I’m scrolling down looking for something I always end up scrolling way past the page, because the reaction time is just that bad. And I hate how you can’t easily copy stuff from PDFs, and how copying inveitably means killing all the formatting so that it turns into a great big lump of undifferentiated text.

    I mean, who needs pretty graphic thingies? Srsly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cory, u haz abandoned us!

    Can’t you come home and fight for Canada? (and by extension, the U.S.A.)

    Is the UK really any better about these things?

    Your Canadian heritage has arguably made you the copyfighter you are, and you are in a unique position to challenge authority, as a minor celebrity — I bet the only person taking you on would be Ted Rogers himself!

    You quote Geist, etc. but would you be willing to tell the CRTC how you feel? Maybe for a giller prize?

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you’d like to encourage Obama to select Professor Boyle for IP Czar, join the Facebook cause: http://tr.im/2oxj

  7. medra42 says:

    Thank you for providing this!

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