I made this, you play this, we are enemies -- the weirdest goddamned game I've ever played

I don't know that I've ever seen any computer art quite as -- I'm sorry, there's no other way of putting this -- as fucked up as "I made this, you play this, we are enemies," a Flash game that really strongly resembles the unmistakable bonkerosity of the complicated sketches left behind the crazy people who used to sit at their own tables in the library I worked at, furiously drawing for 10 hours at a stretch. It's brilliant and terrible all at once and that is why I love it.

I made this, you play this, we are enemies (via Wonderland)


  1. Oddly, after playing that, I feel the need to clean up with some Dr. Bronner’s Soap. Dilute! Dilute!


  3. I’ve played the philosophy version of this game before.

    Which means I’ve now played to completion TWO versions of this game.

    And someday I may know why.

  4. I feel like I did right after I saw “Requiem for a Dream” the first time.

    I need to go for a walk outside.

  5. *looks at level 8*

    *rushes off to make something boingboing themed on my webpage so I can get a nice easy feature too*

    …just sayin’.

  6. Why, oh great Boing Boing gods, would you not post the screenshot of the Boing Boing level? You get to ride on Xeni.

  7. Aren’t all platform games arbitrary? You run, you jump, you grab some icons and avoid others.

  8. @20 – I saw a DVD player with 20 embedded games, and one of the games was called “Seek the Resources.” I laughed.

    I really didn’t like that at all. The sound effects were kind of unsettling, but overall the whole thing was just nonsense. And it was easy, too.

    I feel like these kinds of things are just created because they are like Maxwell’s Demon for praise. It can sort the praise on one side, and discard any criticism with a wave and a “you didn’t get it.”

  9. Absolutely effing awesome. This has brightened my day so much (and I got a job today, so to make it much better is a tough… job).

  10. I’ve played this guy’s other two games (or, well, two of his other games – I honestly don’t know if he has any more). Try searching for them with these titles:

    Game, Game, Game And Again Game
    Alarmingly These Are Not Lovesick Zombies

    Both are a nice surreal trip, but as someone with epilepsy, they’re also a terrible terrible thing. I haven’t played this new offering all the way through yet. I keep having to lie down.

  11. Bklynchris – sorry for your loss, be happy for your dog that he/she never went through the pain of losing ~you~.

  12. I was thinking, while admiring the very trippy aspect of this presentation, that it reminds me of the early 90s masterpiece of pop media, Buzz Box. Triptastic.

  13. It’s a shame the gameplay is so conventional. I thought his other game-like-creation, game, game, game and again game was more interesting because it actually subverted the medium. And I think it had more annoying sound effects. I got about half-way into this one and stopped because it wasn’t annoying enough.

  14. “Then came along Hole in the Hand Hand’s mortal enemy, which was Wedding Ring Hand. Wedding Ring Hand sparkled like a Wedding Ring Hand could.”


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