Splatterpunk claymation


6 Responses to “Splatterpunk claymation”

  1. Rick says:


    Sionnan! Don’t go all censorpunk on us!

  2. Mythus says:

    I remember seeing Chainsaw Maid on here a while back. Ahhhh, claymation gore.

    Here’s the guy’s website, but there’s probably the same stuff on his Youtube channel: http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~y-nagao/Gallery.htm

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… why would someone be that disturbed? THIS is why social scientists get angry at, like, pop culture with it’s violence and such.

  4. DavidPFarrell says:

    I agree with the “-punk” thing on this.

    Wouldn’t “SlayMation” be a better name anyway?

  5. sionnan says:

    Please, oh please stop adding “-punk” to the ends of things!

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