Jeff Smith's comic RASL


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  1. vonnegutlives says:

    RASL is so great, but it only comes out once in a blue moon. The next issue won’t be out until March (I think). I have to reread the previous issues when a new one comes out (but maybe that’s Smith’s plan).

  2. Umbriel says:

    The B-1 bomber only has a crew of 4

    …which doesn’t seem completely out of control for creating a graphic novel (perhaps two writers, one artist, one inker/colorer…), even if it can be done quite well solo.

  3. cshirky says:

    @brad, my bad. Fixed, and thanks.

  4. dderidex says:

    Wait – WHEN were you 17, Violent Femmes existed, and Led Zeppelin *used* to be ‘simple, direct, urgent, short’?

    Last I checked, “Stairway to Heaven” was 1971, and if THAT is what you call ‘short’…

  5. Brad S. says:

    Thanks for the review and recommendation, but maybe it should be edited to remove a spoiler?

  6. bibulb says:

    I see the magic words “Jeff Smith”. Sold.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There’s a really neat ‘oversized’ trade paperback of the first three issues coming out next week, and it’s actually pretty cheap. Check it out on Amazon:

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