Xeni's TV/movie reviews on Fancast: South Park, 007 LOLs, Lost In Space, "Transamerican"... (update!)


8 Responses to “Xeni's TV/movie reviews on Fancast: South Park, 007 LOLs, Lost In Space, "Transamerican"... (update!)”

  1. Antinous says:

    I can haz BBTV segment with Billy Mumy? I give him full credit for my having survived childhood. My only reason to live was so that I could grow up, get away from home and wear lilac velour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obscure and wonderful? Check out Cleopatra 2525. Sexy sci-fi action from the makers of Xena and Hercules.

  3. Daemon says:

    Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! My arms are flailing wildly! My arms are flailing wildly!

  4. GuabaMan says:

    Xeni i wonder if you archive your work someway and if that could be accessed online.
    I mean if your wrote something for another site can you still post it on yours?

  5. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Silence! You bubble-headed booby!

  6. greensteam says:

    Nothing works for me on Fancast. is that because it is only for you guys in the US? Pity, I will have to go on a Lost in Space hunt elsewhere

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @greensteam, oh, that’s probably true, because of the arcane licensing stuff in the TV world. Crap, I hadn’t realized before I posted. I’m sorry. I know that a lot of forward-thinking TV folks — for instance, the South Park guys — are held back by this problem, too. It sucks, and there aren’t easy answers for them around it.

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