Ken Hollings's Welcome To Mars book


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  1. Sparkgap says:

    Technical note:
    Rummy was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Rand for two periods, not the President of Rand. An important distinction.

  2. Rob Myers says:

    It’s a great book (and the CD is excellent as well). I reviewed it for Furtherfield -

    “Hollings combines the history of 1950s America as told by the New York Times with the same history as told by the Fortean Times. It’s eye-opening (sometimes consciousness-expanding) stuff, a look at the wiring under the board of the culture and technology of an era. [...]“

  3. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks for that link, Rob!

  4. Tom Buckner says:

    Some of the best commentary on UFOs came from the great Robert Anton Wilson. Once he wrote a true-false test in which every question had an answer that was not clearly true or false, and he explained why.
    One question: UFOs are real (True/False)
    He explained that most people assume this means Flying Saucers, when all it really means is there are things in the sky we can’t ID. Sometimes I find unidentified things in my own closet, he continued, and sometimes even my wife can’t tell me what they are.

    He further noted that UFOs even predated the Flying Saucer epidemic of 1947. Before 1900 there were reports of mysterious airships, especially in 1896-7. Who knows, one or two of these mystery blimps may have been real, a product of secretive inventors.

    But my favorite daffy UFO panic has to be the hour-long UFO battle over Nuremberg in 1561. A contemporary artist drew it:
    Better picture:

    Even Mr. Sun looks confused!

  5. EH says:

    wait, this isn’t the jeopardy guy?

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